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Originally posted by wayne995:
well i just seen my pantera it turned out very nice close to candy black . now i have to make up my mind do i want the hood and deck a diffrent color? (flat black)?or same as the car? whats your choice?


Should it really matter what "we" think? I may be wrong in my perspective, but De Tomaso owners are unique in that we can "adapt, modify, and overcome" to sometimes keep up with today's performance trends.

Think of it as this. For every owner of a 1972 Daytona Spyder who consistanly looks for correct imperfections in componants assembled with a left handed screwdriver, there are five Pantera owners out there that are creating cars biult "their way" that would put a Daytona to shame. As a community we learn most by the path less taken.

In my opinion, spend some time staring at it and picking the color "YOU" want. I see much more respect in a Man that will spend $$$$$ on a paint color he wants than spend $$$$$ on one evryone else thinks he should have. What I am trying to say in a nice way is:

Wayne: You own it, you've desered it, so do it your way.
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