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These are some photos taken by Robert Shewchuck and myself at last weekend's BJ Auction. Obviously both cars are quite attractive with the white car offering a near stock appearance. Both owners are to be congratulated for the high level of detailing. As you can tell from these images, there were lots of interested spectators. Please note that the white Pantera was auctioned off on Wednesday or Thursday, when the high rollers weren't there. The blue car went through on Friday and not at prime time. I am sure that both cars would have done much better had they been auctioned during the more desirable, but hard to get times. Neither car represents "high-water" marks in terms of resales. We have sold examples like these for $10,000 more and with far less than 16% in commissions. If anybody can refer me to the sellers or buyers of these cars, I would like to interview them about their auction experience and whether or not they were satisfied with the auction, the cars and everything else. Many of our members are interested in knowing more about the auction process (not eBay type auction). Do you think this is the way to sell your Pantera? Thanks, Dave Adler


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