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I am not aware of anybody that loans on a 30 year old car.

In California, mortgages are tax deductible, so it makes sense to get a second on the home, or a line of credit. Greenlight financial offers competitive rates & 3 week closing on the loan.

Since the home is collateral on the loan, the car will be yours, free & clear.

I just refinanced 10 grand on mine through a local Credit Union. Joined first and then turned in the application. It was approved in one day and the title to the car was used as security. 5.25% interest. Banks suck whern it comes to financing Classic cars. In fact, Regular Banks suck period. Best thing I ever did was join and move my accounts to a Credit Union.

I have my insurance through American Hobbyist. $432.00 a year, no deductables and a stated value of $65,000.00.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by JD21476:
What comapny is the offers the best financing on a Pantera?
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