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Putting a strap around the lower control arms should be OK. The control arms transmit the forward motion to the car, so a small tug to the rear will be no problem.

There are also key shaped slots in the bottom of the frame rails that can accept a tow connector. One tow operator used those to get my car up on the flatbed from the front.
If for some reason you decide to transport the Pantera rear end first (the beds on some tilt bed trucks are angled such that this is the only way you can load without additional ramps), be sure to get a piece of rope and tie the deck lid shut from inside the engine bay through the latch/loop. When Panteras get hauled backward the deck lid can rattle enough to unlatch and when that happens your deck lid gets wrapped onto your roof! I know of two such examples. Don't be a third.

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It so happens I had to pull my car about a mile earlier this week. I hooked one of the round hole tabs under the front and it pulled fine. It did not distort the tab even under mild braking. We were in the neighborhood and we were only going 20 mph.

P.S... If were going to risk a component on my car, it would certainly be one of those tabs...
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