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Sold: 1973 Pantera L #5758
eBay auction item #: 110050239099
Winning bid: $32,500

The car is in excellent condition, and was accurately described. I am very pleased to be the new owner. Description from the eBay auction:

1973 DeTomaso Pantera L. This is the exact car somewhat immortalized on Car & Driver Television first in 2000, and again in 2003. Also briefly appeared on The Learning Channel, and occasionally seen in Pantera International Magazine. Restored in 1987 to original, collectable appearance but with vastly better-than-original performance and reliability. 18,000 miles and same owner since restoration. Body and paint in excellent condition. Acrylic enamel wet-sanded and buffed to deep, mirror finish. New windshield 2006. Front and rear storage felt covering excellent. Chassis has received constant attention and $1000’s to enhance performance, handling, and reliability. Poly suspension bushings, upgraded brake system, Koni shocks, Spicer half-shafts, upgraded rear axles/bearings, new rack boots. Steering rack bushing fix done. Goodyear Eagle VR tires on original wheels, minimal wear. 17 inch Wilkinson wheels pictured also included with sale. ZF had new synchros and seals about 8k miles back. Performance clutch. Fluidyne radiator, third fan. Ansa Pantera GTS exhaust. Engine is aggressive hydraulic cam (235/240) build. Crisp, sharp idle rap. Four-bolt original-numbers-match block, forged pistons, ARP rod bolts, ported quench heads, SS valves, roller rockers, alum water pump, steel dampener, Edelbrock Performer, Holley 700 DP, MSD. Car is very fast, and is fit for shows, pleasure driving, or track. Passed annual tech inspections for track use for 16 years running, most recently May 2006. Interior is original except newly recovered seats, new carpet, near perfect. Lots of sound-proofing. All instruments working. No electrical gremlins. Choose either OEM-type seat belts or 5 point harness. Radio-delete panel presently installed, but is wired for sound system. Includes original tool bag, space-saver spare, cover, owner’s manual. Original intake and air filter assembly included. Mentionable negatives: A/C system is all intact (upgraded Sanden compressor) but does not hold charge very long. Although always garaged, this is not a “garage queen.” Usual road specks around wheel wells and chin for a car that is driven. Paint touched up with airbrush in few spots. Small scratch on right door window. A positive or a negative, depending on your point of view: In the 1987 restoration, enough rust was found to replace rocker panels. Wheel houses were stripped of undercoating and small one-layer metal patches flush-welded in on both sides. Many hours spent sealing the body/chassis to prevent further water intrusion, ending rust worries. Since this is the only time the car was restored and repainted, we know the full history. No surprises. Car was examined in great detail by another Pantera owner and potential buyer few months ago. High compliments, praise.


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Congratulations, welcome back to the owners circle! It sounds like you got a bargain.

You got a great deal, that sounds like a really solid car. Another Pantera comes to the Northwest!

Hope to see you at Birch Bay next September....or possibly the Italian show in Vancouver this June.

Wow. Great purchase Marcus. Looks like a great car and a very great price. Now it's time to update your avatar... Wink
Update my avatar? Good plan.

This is the best picture I will have until some nice weather coincides with free weekend time.
Originally posted by JohnnyAlki:
Hope to see you at Birch Bay next September....or possibly the Italian show in Vancouver this June.

Likewise; now that I have the toy, I want to come out and play. Smiler

Can someone point me to some information about these events - dates, times, locations, registration?

Hi Marcus,

I was top bid on that car for several days, posted same here, and was made aware that another PI member was bidding/interested/something like that so I backed off. Yet, I don't THINK that member ever bid, which caused me some minor stomach acid.

After the auction, I re-contacted the seller that if the buyer failed to show, I was more than willing to step in line on this fabulous ride.

As they say, things work out for a reason, and your joyous rejoining here with that car is reason enough. Well done.
Originally posted by A Hudson:
I was top bid on that car for several days, ...

It was a while ago, but I remember that. I was happy for you to see that you got that lovely green 1974.

I really wanted a 1974 car myself, partly because that's what my first one was, and partly because I value a lot of the features the later cars have. Not being a 1974 was the only knock I could find against this one, so I decided to take the plunge.

5758 is only 142 units away from being a 1974 model car (the first 1974 was #5900). The only features I wanted that I did not get were retractors for the shoulder belts, and wipers that park on the right instead of the left. For all the other good stuff I got, I think I can live with that. Smiler Or, upgrade it.
You got a great car at a great price my man, plus the owner sounded totally upfront and knowledgeable. Your suspension mods are enviable and I believe he had done enough 'testing' on his set up to prove their worth.

Though I'm seeing good, clean, sound originals pick up in value, you bought this car under the money. And it'll be worth more as you do your thing I'm sure. Didn't it have two sets of wheels? Another bonus.

Enjoy that ride and keep us posted.
Congratulations!! I've got to agree with everyone else that you got a great looking car at a GREAT price. Have FUN!
Originally posted by A Hudson:
Didn't it have two sets of wheels? Another bonus.

Yes, it had a nice set of 17" wheels with good rubber marked "not for street use".

The car carrier wouldn't take them. I spent about a day in Knoxville trying to ship those back to myself in Canada, but was unsuccessful for various reasons. And once I got back home, I learned that I cannot import used tires anyway.

Rather than ask the seller to have the tires unmounted and go through the hassle of boxing the wheels and shipping them, I gave them back to him. I like the look of the original wheels, and I don't need the higher-performance wheels for the track like he did. And finally, the car was a good deal even without the extra wheels, so it was a way of sharing my good fortune with him.

The karma comes around anyway. A few days after I told him he could keep the wheels, I learned that because of the car's age I don't have to pay 6.1% duty on the Canadian dollar equivalent of the sale price. That saved me roughly the same amount as what the wheels are worth.
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