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I have been loaned a large box of historical material that relates to numerous DeTomaso
cars (hundreds?).

As I go thru the material there are photos, details, lots of "For Sale" ads, ownership
information, and in some cases this documentation goes back to the original purchaser!

In the initial sample I pulled out, using one car as an example, there are a couple of photos for a specific Pantera, from maybe 25+ years ago, and only the license plate is discernable.
With just the photos and thus no VIN, I could only perform a manual search against
the >current< license plate number, which did not locate this sample car.
I really can't do this kind of search manually for each car. So I've developed a better,
quicker way.

The Registry had only stored the current license plate (in the private Owner Information
area). Thus I am unable to connect these photos and details of the car to its entry in the
registry database, as I suspect the license plate has changed sometime in the last 25+ years.

In the USA, license plates can change frequently. This has led me to realize the database needed to be expanded to store a list of "previous license plates" for every car in an
easily searchable format.
(I suspect expanding the database to store the current plate, and 5 previous plates should
be sufficient for most or all of our cars.)

I have also expanded the database with the ability to store the names of previous owners.
(Typically previous owners might be listed on the Photo & Detail page, but the details on
this page are not readily searchable.)

Further review of samples indicated the need for the ability to store the initial selling
dealer (and perhaps the corresponding initial ordering dealer, if different.)

Most of this database work has been completed, and testing is currently in progress.
Some data in this box is perhaps somehow publicly available, while other data is likely
private, and thus it is prudent that the Registry Privacy Policy will continue to apply.
(Example: There will continue to be no public searching by license plate or owner name.)

I make no guarantees that I have historical data on your car, but if you use the Update
Registry page (use the link provided below) and add any previous owner information you have
(even if it is just who you bought the car from, and even if just a first or just a last name), along with any previous license plates (this works globally) I may be able to connect some historical (old) data, previous owners, for sale ads, or photos to your car.

Keep in mind that it will take some time to process and add this material to the Registry,
but the more information you provide (and soon!) the more likely there will be a match,
based upon a handful of examples I recently performed.

Just this past week I was able to connect the original buyer with the current owner.
(While maintaining the Registry Privacy Policy, so I personally checked with each that it
was OK to provide their e-mail to the other person, for example.)

Right now this is how I envision the process will go:
As time permits, I will take a file, perform a database search for; a matching plate
(current or past), VIN, and/or (current or past) owner, and if a match is found I will digitize the material I can, add it to the Registry, and I may even contact you, informing you of any new material.
(This personal contact may become too burdensome, and I may have to leave it up to you to check your database entry on your own.)

What if >NO< match is found ? [Perhaps there is not a matching previous owner or plate
in the database?)
Well ...
I can't digitize all this material, so what does not match any current Registry entry goes
back in the box which needs to be returned to the source.

Who knows if I or anyone else will have access again, or the time to go thru the material
in the future, but I felt it very important to take on this task while I can donate the time.

I would think most owners will remember, or have old paperwork on, who they bought the car
from so I think just about every owner will be able to contribute.
(You could even add a car dealer in one of the "Previous Owner" fields.)

It is not necessary to know the time ORDER of ownership or license plates, just the
presence of the data will cause a match when I search for a car to add some data.

To add or update your car data and history go here:

Remember that only the owner/submitter can update an entry or access private data, as it
is tied to your Registry login e-mail address and password.

For those that have not yet added their car to the Registry, now would be a REAL GOOD time
to do so, and I will take the time to personally help you if needed.

Best Regards,

Chuck Melton
(The DeTomaso Registry Guy)
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I can see that some photos arrived, they were processed, added to the Photo & Detail page, the ownership field has been updated, the entry linked to your account and password, and your account probably has been upgrade to full Registry access, and you have been sent an automatic e-mail regarding your account when it finished. At least that is how it is supposed to work, and there are no messages in the error log, so it has been successful.
I'll go look now...
Good to see your car, interesting new color!

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