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Good morning all,

Does anyone know the type of thread on the 1973 detomaso pantera stop switches.

It's not 1/8 unf, it's not M10, what else?

Or does someone have a reference from Hella or another manufacturer?

I ask this question because I would like to find a contactor on the European market for more convenience.

Thank you in advance for your answers


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Thank you very much forum friends for your research,

In fact I have a new switch (bought in the USA) that I installed directly during the renovation of my pantera (0 km). After bleeding the brakes, already no contact ...... sad, but sorry to say I presume made in china.

This is why my approach to know the thread (which I do not know (about 10.75 mm) and to possibly be able to make an adaptation with better known products).

I could easily order a switch in the USA, but with all the taxes and customs, it just got harder and harder. This is why my approach.

Thank you again for your help and good evening to all



I seem to recall needing to "bleed" the switch itself in order for the contacts to work correctly.

This was done by loosening the switch, while another person puts gradual pressure on the brake pedal, to allow the bubbles from between the proportioning valve and the brake lamp switch to escape through the threads.

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