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The below is legit - I've signed up myself.

> >
> > This is genuine. Help if you can!
> >
> > Sorry to bother you with this but I am passing it on to as many
> > email
>addresses as possible as the government are keeping quiet about it and
>it affects us all if you have a car.
> >
> > On the radio recently they were talking about this proposed car tax
>scheme, apparently there is only one month left to register your
>objection to the 'Pay as you go' road tax.
> >
> > The petition is on the 10 Downing St website but they didn't tell
>anybody about it. Therefore at the time of the radio broadcast only
>250,000 people had signed it and 750,000 signatures are required to
>stop them introducing it.
> >
> > This is legit... from the 10 Downing Street's website.
> >
> > Once you've given your details (you don't have to give your full
>address, just house number and postcode will do), they will send you an
>email with a link in it. Once you click on that link, you'll have
>signed the petition.
> >
> > Democracy in action?
> >
> > The government's proposal to introduce road pricing will mean you
> > having
>to purchase a tracking device for your car and paying a monthly bill to
>use it. The tracking device will cost about £200 and in a recent study
>by the BBC, the lowest monthly bill was £28 for a rural florist and
>£194 for a delivery driver. A non working mother who used the car to
>take the kids to school would have to pay £86 in one month.
> >
> > On top of this massive increase in tax, you will be tracked.
> > Somebody
>will know where you are at all times. They will also know how fast you
>have been going, so even if you accidentally creep over a speed limit
>in time you can probably expect a Notice of Intended Prosecution with
>your monthly bill.
> >
> > If you care about our freedom and stopping the constant bashing of
> > the
>car driver, please sign the petition on No 10's new website (link
>below) and pass this on to as many people as possible.
> >
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It's kinda weird to charge you based on how much you use the roads. Do they charge you for medicare based on how often you see a doctor, or modify your school tax based on how much education you get? What about a water tax each time you jump in a pool?

But having a transponder in your car is big brother at it's worst. Unless the people speak up.

Here is a Canadian persective on this. I recently used a toll road - a new high speed highway - to bypass a busy major market and avoid all its traffic.

As you enter the toll highway, a camera takes a photo of your licence plate and sends you a bill based on where you get on and off. As I was thinking about this I realized that it would also record the time you entered and exited the highway along with the distance travelled. This would easily provide an elapsed time average speed. Rolling along all alone at 100 mph I called a friend who lives in the area and asked about the obvious conclusion that could be drawn.

He advised me that a public outcry defeated the use of the photo ID for anything other than billing for miles used. Sure enough I got a bill (less than $1) in the mail for an hour at 100mph.

Democracy and technology working together. Excellent.
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