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Ok, I know someone has been through this...while removing my rear sway bar, two of the chassis/frame mounting studs broke off...they must have been very soft metal because I did put that much force on them to break them? One is an upper stud, the other is a lower...Both are blind studs welded in from within the chassis tube, the upper I believe can be drilled out all the way through the other side of the tube section and a long bolt could be pushed through? Any suggestions on fixing them?

Thanks for any help!

Tom Borcich
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I had the same problem. I repaired it by grinding the stud flat, then drilling and tapping the hole to the same size as the original stud. The thickness of the head on the old stud will give you 3 or 4 turns of the stud. Then I installed the new stud with thread locker and it has been holding fine. If you wanted extra strength you could braze the stud in after it was installed.
Thanks for the input...I've been looking at the way the bracket is constructed and mounted to the frame...and am not sure if there is a way to remove one side of the bracket to hinge/bend it up to remove the bolts form the back side? I would really like to just insert another new bolt with an 1/8th shoulder sticking out into the back side of the bracket and reweld the bracked down.

Or another idea I've been thinking about is drilling out the old stud/bolt so that there is a 3/8-1/2" hole remaining...large enough so that I could take a new dummy plate with a two new bolts already welded to the plate and then mount the plate with the bolt head going into the 3/8-1/2" hole on the existing mounting bracket...then weld the edges of the plate to the existing bracket...then I have two brand new studs of any hardness I choose acting as the new studs for the sway bar mount.
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