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Can any of my "Canadian Brothers" shed some light on this. I am considering a purchase of a 1970 LS5 Stingray, originally from the U.S. and brought to Toronto, Canada. It would cross the border in Buffalo, N.Y. and meet my carrier there.

What's involved here? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Living in SoCal this car may as well be on the moon...

Dave (...always looking for another Stingray)
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I have not done it, but it is my understanding from those who have that as long as you have proof that the vehicle was a US car and tax was paid on it there, you would not be subject to any import duties or taxes at the border. I think an original copy of a US title, or other official document would suffice but I would expect that you would need to provide it to US customs at point of entry in advance.

If I remember correctly, when I brought my vehicle up from the US, the Title was surrendered by the importer at the border.

I agree Mark, I think given it was originally a U.S. vehicle, that it is manufactured by a North American company and it's age, you should have little to pay in terms of duties/taxes, nor should there be a lot of EPA or DOT challenges to overcome.

You might try calling these guys autoimportusa to see what they can tell you about the process. I called 2-3 companies when I went through the process, both for price, but also to cross reference the stories to make sure it really was as simple as it seemed.

Good luck!
I bought a pantera project from Tennesse last year (my 2nd car from the US). I deal with a transport company and his brooker. It save me a lot of time and research. Every paper needed were prepare by the transport company brooker. They cleared the US and Canadian customs and deliver the car at my door. It cost me the transport, brooker fees and sales taxes. I didn't pay any ¨custom¨fee cause the car was more than 25 years old. If you prepare the import yourself and miss one paper at the custom, you'll have to leave the car there till you got the proper document...Hope it wil help.

Originally posted by #5754:
If I remember correctly, when I brought my vehicle up from the US, the Title was surrendered by the importer at the border.

Gee Russ, and you seem far too young to be losing your memory... Wink

You would have surrendered it to MTO when you registered it in Ontario. I did too with my GT40 and my Mangusta, but BEFORE I did that, I had a lawyer notarize copies of the title document just in case I ever needed to return the cars to the US. Not applicable to Dave who is going the other way, but a suggestion for anyone bringing a car up here from the States.

Good luck Dave. Let us know how it all turns out.

you seem far too young to be losing your memory...

Mark Charlton, now where do I know that name from??? Confused Wink

The importers took care of everything and dropped the car off at my house, so the title was never in my hands (other than when I reviewed it before putting down my deposit).

Unless of course I truly am losing my memory - "It's the Mad Cow" - Denny Crane
The guys I used 'my People' Wink ( have a basic rate of $750 to do the following (some of it isn't needed in the case of private sales of classic cars) ...

1. Confirm with RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) that your vehicle is admissible into Canada.
2. Contact the dealership that sold you the car to ensure all of the proper documents are present.
3. Acquire the necessary recall letter for your vehicle.
4. Hand deliver your documents to US Customs for pre-clearance.
5. Canada Form 1
6. Provide safe insured transport of your vehicle to Canada.
7. Clear your vehicle through US Customs.
8. Present your vehicle to Canada Customs for inspection.
9. Remit all applicable taxes, duties, and fees to Canada Customs.
10. Complete any required modifications.
11. Convert speedometer into km/h
12. Have your vehicle inspected, to complete RIV process.
13. Complete an Ontario Safety Inspection and E-Test if required.
14. Prepare the Licensing (Ontario Ownership and License Plates)
15. A quick car wash before you pick up your car.

Transportation was extra, I think around $800 door to door, and I didn't have them wash the car, do the speedo conversion, nor mount the plates (I didn't want them trying to drill holes for the front plate! ;-)

I didn't have to worry about incomplete paperwork and potentially making multiple trips to the border - it was worth the extra few $$$ to avoid the hassles and to have the car insured from pick-up to drop-off.
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