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After much hesitation I have now placed my order with Roin for a pair of 15X10 rear wheels for 3840.

Even so the wheels will not quite fill the GTS bodies riveted on flares.

so I am thinking of 1" wheel spacers for each side to make the job look spot on.

Hall sell the spacers at $50 each, I do know that I will need longer studs, but has anyone used Halls spacers and are they the ones to fit?

Grateful for help here, best Pete.

NB, I do have the rear uprights fitted with the double inner bearings and new outers.
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I would second not rushing into getting spacers, I think the 10" wheels will be a big improvement on what you currently have. In addition as the GTS flares fit directly over the existing fender (no cutting) you might experience tire rub if you push the wheel out too far.

Here's a GTS with 10" wheels;


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  • 1974_De_Tomaso_Pantera_GTS
Hi Peter,
I agree 100% with the others. Wait until you have the wheels with tyres on the car before investing in a set of spacers. I attach a picture of my GTS with 295/50/15 Avons on the rear and I think the look is pretty much spot on - just right for the age of the car. If anything I think the fronts are too far inside the GTS arches, mine are with 225/50/15 and if I could find a decent 245/45/15 or similar I would put them on in a flash. Maybe a slight lowering of the whole car - with height adjustable coilovers could also toughen up the appearance a bit more.
Cheers, Tim.


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Originally posted by Peter Fenlon:
Tyres are my next search, do you know what tyres are on this car?

That looks to be a BF Goodrich tire tread.

The Avon CR6ZZ are popular with the GT40 guys. BF Goodrich, Hankook, Cooper Cobra and Pirelli P7 Corsa classic all avaialble in the 295/50-15 size.

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