Guys Im looking at a real nice GT5 but dont want the wife to know...all my cars are stored at my mothers....(where else!!!) I would like to look into financing so who do you recommend?? Also what was that really cool stacking type of lift where you could put one car above the other??
I cant bring my self to sell my Delorean...the only way my wife would consciously let me get another car...not gonna happen in this lifetime
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One -Hiding your cars from your wife ? BAD idea. Sounds like you need a new wife.

Two- Sell the Delorean. With all do respect it is not half the car of a Pantera.
Cant get rid of wife only married since June...problem isnt really buying a car, its the $$$ involved dont really want her knowing how much and from where...know what I mean??
Delorean is not going anywhere...different experience all together, wicked handling and a great not even a quarter of the car as a Pantera in some ways but its got its merits. You know you cant have just one toy!!
Well said.

Delorean owners swear by their cars...just like De Tomaso, Triumph, Porsche, Corvette, etc, owners do.

Car aficionados can get pretty fanatical over their car brand. And after owning several marques, I can understand why. Each are special in their own way.
Sorry. I did not mean to diss your wife or car. Just saying not a good thing to hide from your new wife. Try to get her involved in your other passion. I sold my first Pantera to buy our first house. Many ,many years later bought Pantera # 2 and still have same wife.

Also did not mean to diss your Delorean. But if you have to reduce your toys I think the Pantera will have you forget the Delorean . You have driven a Pantera right ?
Actually I've never driven or been a passenger in a Pantera...try to find one. Im not just into the power of any particular car Im into their history, rarity etc..Dont get me wrong I own a 944 that I slap around turns quite frequently and have owned a 70 Skylark, a formula 350, and a Nova SS powered Iroc ... that ran mid 12's ...but am kind of past that just looking for my last dream are very fortunate to own one
Hi: I would look into Capital One - they loaned me the funds for my car with no questions brought up about age or exotic nature of the beast, I have #2098 a 1971 . Also just got another great loan for new Explorer. You can do it on line and know within minutes an hour if you are approved. Great rates 6.0% on my Cat for 60 month loan! And no prepayment penalties and auto deduct from any type of bank accounts even those secret ones! Also Costco connection if you have any out your way go through the Costco website and use Capital one and get another 1/4 point off! Good luck!

P.S. Checks they issue are good to dealers and private party sellers, where you probably will be to find a nice CAT.

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