I have had my 3840 since Jan 2013 bought from the USA, I have been in contact with the owners family who have NO information regarding its history. It is a Euro GTS car sporting a Torino front number plate so I assume it was first registered in Turin , Italy before its visit to the USA,I seem to recall sending an E mail to the son of the founder asking for info but did I do it correctly for I received no answer.
I would be grateful for how to get some history please.

also my engine number is not the same as the one first fitted to the car its a much earlier number, is it possible to trace an engine number to a specific car, or did Ford reconditioned engines exist? and if so did they have a numbering system that can be explained.

I read the Bob Byers thread and personally I found that a couple of phone calls were sometimes needed, but he seems a very nice bloke.

One thing I don't understand, is the lack of conversation from suppliers, Its so frustrating when you ask if a part has been posted to you, and the reply is Yes, no date of when sent, no how are you these days, no it should arrive at, etc etc.

I bought a set of door seals from one supplier who when I sent him photos of the door seals that when fitted were an inch and a half short, told me I had fitted them too tightly into the corners of the body frame and he had never had another complaint. He must have lots of happy customers but I will not darken his door again.

But it costs nothing to be more forthcoming with parts information especially when here in europe we depend on the American suppliers for almost all of our needs.

A happy christmas to all on the forum.
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Peter -

I looked at the pix you have posted on ProvaMo.

Looks like you are very deep into your car, and are doing a great job.

Keep up the good work.


PS. You might want to think about a thread here (in the Specific Vehicle Forum). You can get a lot of valuable, real-time feedback.

And a Merry Christmas to you! Ho-Ho-Ho!

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