I have to order a new set of carpet mats for my GT5-S but I am not sure if the size is different.
The car has no drop pan installed but I removed the handbrake from the centre to the left door panel. Does all Panteras have (if they haven't the drop pan) the same dimensions for the carpet or is there any difference (year or model) I have to consider ? The car is stored in the Garage and I cant get them currently out.

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If your GT5-S is a genuine GT5-S, then you have a later model Pantera with lower & straight floor in your car. I don´t believe, the ones made for the early models will fit your car. That carpet is real easy, if you don´t find one, let someone make a new one for you by using the old ones as a model. Should not take more than a couple of hours for a professional. Skip all the shipment and tax expenses at the same time.
Thanks for the reply - the problem is that I haven't the mats anymore.
Otherwise I have to make on my own means waiting for spring to get the car released. May I will order the stitcehd mats meanwhile. May they will fit..or is this also risky to order ?

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