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A thought has arisen that as Pantera enthusiast, we are quite familiar with the majority of cars out there today, not to say that they are not as beautiful as the next car.

We all search the new posts, web and anywhere else, hoping to see a Car which we have never seen before. Lets face it, Panteras come in all shapes and sizes and coming across one you have never seen before is always met with interest.

The question I am asking is that is there anyone out there who owns a car that is not known to the De Tomaso Pantera for whatever reason? A lot of Panteras were made and not everyone likes to exhibit !
It would be really appreciated by this community if any rare or never seen before pictures could be posted on this link.

So come on, lets make this a day for discovering a bit of precious metal hidden somewhere in the far corner of the world not known to man !!
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Peter, seeing these pictures has really pleased me and is exactly the reason why I posted this link to give people the opportunity to see these remarkable one-offs or never before seen's a shame no one else bothered to get involved in putting some interesting pictures for others to see!!!! Thanks Peter.
My pleasure, Bulldog.

I was actually hoping to start a controversy with the Guanci, because there is a real debate as to whether it is a real De Tomaso or not. Oh well, I guess all the PI BB lurkers are too busy watching American Idol re-runs or something equally intellectually challenging. Or maybe they have all gone out and bought Toyotas...

Here's a photo of another car I find interesting:


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  • _9426_-_Pantera_GT5-S_-_imported_by_Carroll_Shelby_-_USA
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