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Yeah I just got done watching it DVR. It was a fantacy bid car, where the public emails in their best guess on the sale, so it was viewed and talked about quite a bit (nice coverage, something we don't usually get on our cars at auction). However the comentators didn't know what the L stood for, and were waiting for someone to email in and tell them, but no luck.
Originally posted by Fahrenheit351:
In addition to the "L" comments it was also said "....and they weren't very well built as compared to, say, a Ferrari."

Will the real Rodney Dangerfield please stand up.

Ha yeah, I forgot about that comment. But then they followed by mentioning that modifications are ok with our cars and often prefered. Overall not too bad coverage and visibility for us with a national event, at least they didn't call it a kit car.
Except for a very slight fit problem with the rear hatch that GTS was stunning and deserved every bit of the $80K
The red car was a touch above average and brought average money?
Maybe increased value for low mileage, low production, original appearing models, has caught up to the pantera?
B-J was a blast. My first time there
R-S was a disaster, which of course is old news now.
Doug M
I managed to get out to Phoenix for the auction. I saw the red Pantera but not the other one. The red one was is in decent shape. The only part I didn't like was fact that the owner put big plugs in the body where the front "L" bumper shocks were and mounted the bumperettes right along the top edge of the front fenders. This exposed the curved bodyline underneath and looked a little awkward to me. It took me a second when I walked up to figure out why it looked a little strange.
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