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I  have finally got on to the resurrection of the center console for 6997 .  The poor old console had hosted multiple sound systems in the past and the top of the retaining structure for the heater valves panel had been broken off.  in short it looked pretty battered. The lower section also had suffered around all of the mounting points.

I decided the best approach was to glass in the entirety of the top section and recut all the openings from scratch . I was not sure this was going to work so I also made up a acrylic cover profiled to take the same shape and could be used as a template later if required .

I determined I could screw fix the main repair face to my wooden top bench allowing easy access to the rear portion for the glassing operation. My wife suggested using baking paper as the release surface under the new surface . This was brilliant. I taped the paper down to the work surface and fixed the face of the console through the paper.

About 6 layers of roving wovings and chopped fiber later  thickness was achieved. The baking paper released effortlessly.

Here is the raw form of the repaired console before trimming.


I will recut all the openings and edges  tomorrow.

There is not a console using this method that cannot be saved however dilapidated !


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I could have gone with four layers of glass this would have been enough. I trimmed it up with a fine toothed jigsaw and brought it back to thickness with a grinder to make everything fit.

I will do a few tries on the layout to see what works.

I am not sure I am enamored with paying a fortune for a poorly performing 1970 audio unit just to keep the look.

Still considering what will work in a dash layout for a modern usable Pantera that can deliver on driver comfort.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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