Hi i am selling a good used CHI 3V Topend (minus the intake)

CHI 3V Aluminum Heads,  intake runner 218cc, chamber Volume 68cc
new Ferrara Race valves
Cam Research 294in/ex .685, 108LSA, matching springs, Titanium retainers , locks
mech Lifters, Stud Kit, Rocker/Girdle Kit , Pushrods, Guide Plates...
2 sets for custom lasered exhaust plates 7mm stainless

selling complete (maybe without reatiners,locks, Rocker)

Parts can be inspected in Munich/Germany 

Price EUR 2800,--

regards OLI




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The CHI 3V Heads do not work with any intake other than their own proprietary intake.

 I have heard of at least one owner who made the mistake of just buying the heads and then learned of the proprietary intake. 

It appears your offering includes spacers as a workaround for that.

Can you confirm that this is indeed correct?


Those are not spacers for the intake. Those are plates that match the exhaust to built the headers.  For the intake I know there is a 3v intake from CHI. But I did not check other positions or gaskets as I only use Weber Ida. The intake of the heads is ported but I have to check which intake.



You have to have spacers for the intake depending on the Deck height of the block your using,I have them on my 9.5 Dart Windsor block with C.H.I. 3V225 heads Making a stroker Clevlor with a Webber intake,The Gentleman that make these and a number of other things like the water neck for a Clevlor is in the US  i believe if Memory serves me right is BMI in Michigan i believe, Bob is very helpful

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