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The 2014 Concorso Italiano is a month away.

Link: Concorso Italian Web Site

If you've never attended, do yourself a favor and give it a try. If you live in California (or Nevada), bring your car and enter as an exhibitor. If you can't bring your car, then come as a spectator.

Its the largest Italian car show in the world, but its more than just a car show. Its a celebration of all things Italian. Food, music, fashion. There's something to entertain everyone, including your significant other. Tom McDowell has improved the event significantly since he took the reigns in 2009.

If you're interested and need lodging ideas, contact me, I may be able to help.

A couple of significant changes are in store at the Concorso Italiano this year.

The Monterey Car Week event announced a change in its location for 2014. After five years at Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, this year’s event will return to the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in the city of Seaside, which served as host of Concorso Italiano from 2002-2007. Whereas the Laguna Seca Golf Course was located a few miles in-land, the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course is near the coast, with views of Monterey Bay.

One improvement we're expecting in returning to the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course is improved ingress and egress for exhibitors and spectators including improved parking.

Perhaps the biggest news, however, is a date change from its traditional Friday billing to Saturday, August 16th. Organizers said that by moving the event to Saturday, individuals that currently attend the Quail Motorsport Gathering on Friday will now have the opportunity to visit Concorso Italiano the following day.

Debbie, my life-long friend (and original Pantera owner) Dale, and myself will organize the corral again this year. There will be judging and trophies. And like last year we'll have a gift for all De Tomaso exhibitors. Last year we had live orchids for everyone, they were quite popular with the ladies.

We would like to see an increase in the number cars on display at the De Tomaso corral. Please consider joining us if you can. Its a fun day in a gorgeous setting.

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Do you know if registration is up or down with the change in venue and move to Saturday?

Personally I am not going to attend this year as Sat/Sun are my days at Laguna Seca for the historic racing. Funny you mention pulling people from Quail, as I was thing of going to Quail now Friday is free.

I also liked the Laguna Seca location close to the track and IMO a lot less traffic issues than in Monterey, plus it provided for accommodation options in Salinas. After all the uproar in exiting Black Horse originally I am surprised at the decision to return.

No I haven't heard a word about whether or not registrations are up or down.

I think the change in the day of the week can be considered at this point an "experiment". Nothing is set in stone. Tom & I have spoken about the fact that some people who enjoy the historics may choose the historics over the Concorso.

Tom wasn't involved with the exit of the event from the Bayonet Black Horse. He acquired the event after the dismal year the event was held at the Marina Air Field (2008). Whatever the problems were that caused the previous event organizer to exit the Blackhorse, it seems Tom has been able to overcome them.

Tom struggled year after year regarding problems arising from getting the exhibitors in and out of the Laguna Seca Golf Course. He seems very enthused about the Bayonet Black Horse in that regard, he feels those problems will be resolved.

I don't lodge in Salinas or the Carmel Valley. I lodge up the coast. Holding the event at the Bayonet Black Horse will cut about 10 minutes off my commute to the event. I believe the hot tip for getting to the Bayonet Black Horse from Salinas is using Reservation Road.

I'll be at the Concorso. Smiler

Concorso verses Historics is not my topic. Lets please not take my post in that direction. This is just an event announcement.

There is a host of folks who attend the Concorso every year ... I suppose there must be some form of enjoyment that brings them back. Some of them drive very long distances to be there, like John Buckman. I enjoy being there myself. Its an amazing event.

I appreciate the folks who help the De Tomaso marque have a presence at the biggest Italian car show in the world. That's kinda cool they do that. I wish more of you would join us there. I do the best I can for the marque too ... and to show my appreciation for the exhibitors.
Does this mean that you AND your Pantera will be at Concorso this year???

That's the plan! However, I do need to reinstall the engine. Shortblock is together. Hope to button up the bottom end tonight (install oil pump and pan), install the heads Wednesday night, paint everything this weekend, and install some evening next week (or whenever my PCNC brethren are available to lend a hand).

I really want to take my car this year; it's been too long!
Garth, you are a funny man! That single sentence took me four months!

But, I think you have a leg up on me. Best of luck on the reassembly. I expect it will go smoothly for you.

I expect it to go reasonably smoothly too as it was installed and running just last October before breaking the valve spring. So simply a matter of dropping it back in and reconnecting everything. Shouldn't take a million trips to the hardware and auto parts stores like last time. Fingers crossed!
Well, the engine install went as planned last weekend and I've been driving the Pantera every day this week to iron out any bugs and listen for any untoward noises that don't belong.

So, if anyone has a Concorso Italiano Exhibitor ticket for sale, please PM me. Otherwise, I'm looking for a vacant passenger seat to pop in and check it out.

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