That is the Pantera that "teragirl" occasionally posts pictures of.

You'll find a picture of the Pantera on her web site:

The car was the cover car for the fall 2000 Pantera International magazine, at that time Dave wrote the owner was Avo Kullukian of Scottsdale Arizona.


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The former owner was Avo. It belongs to Tom Bechtel who purchased it. I considered buying this car several years ago from Avo before Tom. It is the most beautiful Pantera I have ever seen and worth every dime.

If you added Avo's labor onto this car you would be looking at about $200,000 or more in total restoration costs. And that is not a BS line.
Originally posted by dtomaso1:
The website clearly states that a stock body pantera pre L, sn2803, was restored to a gt5 body style.

Thanks, Tom

But it also says this first...
For Sale: 1972 Concours Pantera Group V

Now I realize I might be persnikety by making the distinction, but if a guy was looking for a group 5 and didn't know better he would make an incorrect assumption. As far as I know, there is only one surviving group 5 car in the whole wide world and Dave Adler owns it. It is worth maybe billions of bucks. Well no, but I am sure it is worth a whole bunch of money.
Since you're getting persnikety DeTom, the car is not "concours" either. Concours infers a car is 100% showroom stock, just the way the manufacturer made it.

But I think we know what Tom is trying to relate, his Pantera is an award winning "GT5 tribute" show car. (tribute is a nice way to say clone, like classic is a nice way to say old. You and I are classics)

Another word we use improperly in the Pantera hobby is "restored". Restored specifically means to return to original (i.e. concours)condition. Few Panteras are restored, most are refurbished.

cowboy from hell
No, the car is not a Group 5 car, and no, like 99.9% of the cars out there that have been made to look like GT-5's, they and it are not original GT-5's either, just wanna-be's. And...that's OK too, if I had got a standard body Pantera, I would have added the GT-5 body kit myself.

But I know what Tom is trying to say as well. That car has won every concours show it's showed up at. If you have ever had the chance to see the car in person, then you'd know what I'm talking about. I would love to have that car, just couldn't afford it....GT-5 clone or not.

I know Avo and I know Tom. Tom is a great guy and VERY honorable. I know that Avo spared no expense building that car. I also know that Avo, his brother and his father invested over 2000 hours in labor personally building that car to what it is. I know Tom has invested several thousands of dollars and his time finishing what Avo didn't finish.

Regradless of it all, it is an incredable car that has been built perfectly and lacks for nothing.

Just my 2 cents.
Originally posted by Coz:
... That car has won every concours show it's showed up at. ...

Jim, you've just proved my point, we in the Pantera hobby don't have a good grasp of what "concours" refers to. The Ferrari guys, Shelby guys, Corvette guys, would be rolling their eyes.

The car is a beautiful modified Pantera, but not a concours car at all. Its all semantics, but we're being persnikety today. Big Grin

We also need to be careful not to hijack Tom's topic, this is after all a car for sale ad. What I'm reading from Coz & Ron, guys who have seen Tom's car, is that it is an absolutely gorgeous, stunning, show car. From the pictures I've seen of it, I would agree.

Tom, good luck. I would be interested in knowing what it sells for (privately if not publicly), as it is one of those rare "high water mark" Panteras.

Thanks all for the supportive words. You are all right-on with the comments. The Pantera that I am selling is in fact a "replicated" GT5 with a resto mod twist. As far as being it what you will. What I am sure of, is that the car is extremely high quality and has won best of show or first place wins in every formal concours show that it has entered. Watching the crowd enjoyment and the exposure of DeTomaso emerge as a winner against other marques at these events is priceless. When DeTomaso takes best in class, it gives our brand a boost. And oh yeah, it's fun to whip the Lambo's and Ferrari's ass!
Regards, Tom
At the risk going out on a limb and sawing it off (as I often do), the car is just plain ole FANTASTIC!
The pictures are just unbelievable and I suspect don't even do the car justice!
Best of luck on the sale. I'm not jealous, I'm envious.
Someone is going to get the car of a lifetime.
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