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After I saw Rene's / Ken's comments on 4406/4403, I thought it would be fun to hear about people who have vehicles with consecutive VINs, especially if some of the cars are unique.

Of course everyone has searched ProvaMo to see cars close to them, but come have encountered them (or very close ones) in the flesh.

Would love to hear those stories.

This might be too hard, since I can no longer link multiple photos in a single post, but, here goes...

My car, 5357:


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On the Rocky Mountain Rumble a few years back, #5754 met #5758.
While the two cars are 4 VIN numbers apart, the Body Service Numbers are consecutive (xx529 & xx530), so presumably these two came off the line one after the other and are now living ~2,000miles (3,000Km) apart here in Canada.


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So People... I had the same idea I wanted to know who's car was close to mine in Vin#.
I have a friend Cal Esposito (Nor Cal chapter) we have been in touch over the years he has a low vin number on his car so I never bother to ask him if he had 2 Pantera's. My vin is 6656,so one day we were yapping and he told me he has the "body" of a pantera the guys in CA used for parts, he did not want it to go to the scrape bin, and he wants to race is someday I asked about the VIN he said it is VIN 6658!!! Who knew.
I was at Don Garlits' shop and he has a engine he wants to sell and I want it, maybe a joint venture.

Judy and I have quite a few competition miles in Chuck Banks' #3187, when it was Rich Agiorni's car in NorCal. At the time (mid '80s) it had a 500-horse engine with SVO heads, Gr-3 brakes (factory kit), 180 exhausts and 8 & 10 BBS. The ZF has the rare 4-plate LSD. I could have done without the Recaros which shoved me up into the headliner, but they fit Rich and Judy fine. The paint was always Ford deep- blue.

In the early '80s, I made up a list of consecutive s/ns in Nor-Cal because I was curious as to whether DeTomaso batch-painted the cars in groups. Found out no: consecutive s/ns were likely to be any color. About 50% of my 100 car list were red, about 30% were black, then the rest were any other color. Least popular was DeTomaso's two shades of green. Seems like those numbers are still true today.


Chuck Banks' #3187 is still in Nor-Cal, is still Ford deep blue, and the surrounding earth still trembles when those 180's are lit up, but it's competitions now are Santa Rosa, Ca. area car shows/displays/cars and coffee/benefit events, where it is a recent multiple award winner..........

Have you considered revisiting/updating/sharing that vin list information here?IMG_8705-1IMG_8717-1


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