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Yeap mine does have the GREEN Strain Relief. So does that mean I can use any of them with the green?  Is the picture the correct one for my green replacment? Is there a Ford guy in here that knows?

Why am I replacing my old one you ask? I still have that weird "will not REV thing or it dies". I still have a few things to troubleshoot.  But since the duraspark box is 30 years old, Im going to swap it out. Fixing lots of goofy wiring that I come across.


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If your engine has ANYTHING extra wired to the coil's positive post, the extra load will act as an automatic rev-limiter. Back in the day, owners used to wire their Holley electric chokes to that 'convenient' point of 12V, and the engine then would consistently misfire or quit at 4200-4500 rpms.

Since you already have a Duraspark, you can get even more protection by using a Ford solid state TFI coil from the next iteration of factory electronic ignitions. AutoZone carries them cheap. That transformer-type coil as designed takes a special molded wiring plug, but inside the coil's molded connection are a pair of std male spade-lugs clearly marked + and -.

Just add female spade lugs to your stock coil wires, plug them into the TFI coil correctly and you're set, almost for life. You might want to rotate the TFI coil mount 90 degrees so its molded electrical connection does not act like a water container if you drive in heavy rain. Now, leaving the ignition switch 'on' for more than a few minutes with the engine off will NOT burn out your old can-of-oil coil or the ignition wiring.  There are more li'l tweeks for Ford ignitions, too.

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