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I have a Genuine Complete Ferrari 308 Tool Bag and thought that one such bag for a Pantera would be great.

The deTomaso Tool Bags I've seen around are expensive and incomplete and in bad shape.

I will try to create a Pantera Roadside Tool Bag  from scratch. ( I don't want to substitute Ferrari for deTomaso bag  Every tool has Ferrari stamped on it )

Any suggestions on what Tools to include other than Fire Extinguisher  and Jack Tools ?

( No Spare Tire on board .. will call Road Side Assistance )


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Things to include...

  • Silicone tape (rescue tape)
  • Spare belts
  • Spare coolant hose possibly
    • Short straight piece
    • The bendy-elbow one that's under the car just ahead of the engine and often gets rubbed by the emergency brake rod
  • Basic hand tools
    • Pliers
    • Screw drivers
    • Wrenches
  • Small socket set
    • Std & Metric
    • Socket & extension for wheel lug nuts
  • Tire plug kit
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I always carry some extra fuses just in case one fails, although since I switched the Pantera over to a modern fuse box with ATO type fuses, that hasn't happened. Depending on what type of fan relays you are using a spare relay might not be a bad idea to have. Of course there is always some wire and electrical connectors just in case you have to jumper a failed radiator fan coolant temperature sending unit. Yes those sending units can and do fail. Been there and done that before!

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