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De Tomaso Pantera set Wilkinsons Camagnolo repro 17" wheels 2 x 8" and 2 x 11" - there are no width markings I can see but measuring them suggests these sizes.
The wheels are almost new looking **Wilkinsons Camagnolo Campagnolo replicas **17x8 and 17x11 wheels with almost new condition tyres **Michelin Pilot Sport 335/35 ZR 17 **on the rear (very expensive) and **Michelin Pilot Sport 235/40 ZR 17** on the fronts.The wheels are currently on my 1974 Pantera and came with it.
I am asking £4000 for the wheels and tyres as you see them here but feel free to make me an offer.
Auction is for the wheels and tyres and doesn't include the car! - buy you knew that of course
They were fitted possibly 12 years ago based on the tyre dates - the front tyres have a box that says 4410 and 1910 and the rears have 4510 and 4610 but the car has covered only around 2000 miles in 10 years by the previous owner.
I can only sell them when a replacement set of wheels arrive (next week!) if you wanted to buy them immediately so please bear this in mind. I am only selling them because I am moving back to 15" wheels as I prefer the more original look. I would class the condition of these wheels and their tyres as near mint.
I am in Manchester, UK

1QZIm8aI0fOW9ph6a9Ko3uXmIgWFWO1m4zUaAEmk [1)2JnBxM0Mxdy3xkd1ITnyE2epXXhbfTf8DkGvjNFh [1)4XsB9UB6cIRxZaRmza4Jc1C4acA3PIxPF9YEE2Ur [1)GLOhAZJ0RcyOdYurfRuCl3LYGluUDdYHYGv853D1 [1)O5lyOdsJgLzSYHdJkMzvSy4kUieYasT06brJoTwL [1)tMTouubHlDFHUm5euPYUMkskFmb5yImno7p54Q8S [1)TOr1cKsjwQ0JvRwFIz62VSkUUb2TwHBYNybfrFN7 [1)zMuwu8KKgmdfNFGwYcI7qFzkDAADUOlwKFSeX7Dj [1)


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  • 1QZIm8aI0fOW9ph6a9Ko3uXmIgWFWO1m4zUaAEmk (1)
  • 2JnBxM0Mxdy3xkd1ITnyE2epXXhbfTf8DkGvjNFh (1)
  • 4XsB9UB6cIRxZaRmza4Jc1C4acA3PIxPF9YEE2Ur (1)
  • GLOhAZJ0RcyOdYurfRuCl3LYGluUDdYHYGv853D1 (1)
  • O5lyOdsJgLzSYHdJkMzvSy4kUieYasT06brJoTwL (1)
  • tMTouubHlDFHUm5euPYUMkskFmb5yImno7p54Q8S (1)
  • TOr1cKsjwQ0JvRwFIz62VSkUUb2TwHBYNybfrFN7 (1)
  • zMuwu8KKgmdfNFGwYcI7qFzkDAADUOlwKFSeX7Dj (1)
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Thanks for the clarification. The car came to the previous owner with these on when he bought it. Is there much price difference between the Boyd ones and the Wilkinson's ones ?  I see PI have the Boyd style for $3995 for a set with tires and I see the 17x11 at Wilkinsons for $874.72 but I can't see any fronts or tire sets, but perhaps they are a similar price if you work it up.  Also I am in the UK so importing a set to here would be expensive shipping plus another 30% in taxes.

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