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While the car is down waiting for an engine, I'll be trying to call the body noises.

the deck lid I believe is the source for most of the noise. The web is no longer bonded to the sheet metal, what have you guys used to make this bond?

what other sources of noise/vibration are common places to address?



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As far as I know, all you need is GE "Ultimate" silicone caulking. Home Depot and Lowes has it.

I installed it 15 years ago and it hasn't burned off or melted yet but even the NASA o-ring on the Challenger melted so there are no guarantees in life.

Be aware though that it holds so securely that you may wind up with it causing a transparency line through the finished surface on top.

I'd point out though there was never an adhesive ever intended by the factory for the deck. Rattling back there is caused by the twisting of the decklid which shows as chipped corners on the rear edges.

The race cars used a flexible rubber T-handle to keep the deck in place during competition which apparently was largely successful.

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