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Actually Chuck/ProvaMo has found #4745 for sale at Classic Car Auctions in the Netherlands, and has questions about it's authenticity and their claims made without any supporting documentation, and I'm curious because my Dec. 1972 build "L" is #4744.

https://www.classiccar-auction...ctory-test-car-1974/4745 right

It was in Nevada in '09 - Rocky/Chuck/Ward/ anybody from your area have any more info about it from back then?


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  • 4745 right: 4745
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Hi Ron -

I looked at the pictures on ProvoMo, and it’s funny because in one set of the pictures the car has Arizona plates.  I’m not aware of anybody in Arizona who this car, but it certainly looks like it came from here at one time.   Maybe some of the longer-term Arizona members might chime in?

The claim that it’s a 1974 test car doesn’t really seem to make sense since it’s an 11/72 build.

I don’t even want to start a discussion on where someone might get hold of the factory paperwork. 


 P. S. Ron - you should post  a picture of this car and your car on my thread titled “Consecutive VINS”...

Consecutive VINs

Nice find!

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