March 2019


The world of pop music lost a legend this weekend. We all knew the time was near. I'm numb at the moment … or not willing to admit anything worse. We're all hurting. He was bigger than life.

He is survived by his wife Lana, his son Jimmy, Whitey their dog, and his many friends and associates. Special mention is deserved for Ron Eglit, one of the original Del Tones, and Dick's life long bass player and friend. My heart and sympathy goes out to each and every one.

Debbie and I had tickets to catch-up with him at a concert in May. Dick once serenaded Debbie on stage with the song "Fever". That was back in the '90s I think.

The video below is an entire concert, less than a year old (June 2018). He's playing to a sold out crowd at the Viper Room in West Hollywood.

This next video is a short one, of Dick singing "Belo Horizonte". I'm including this video because Belo Horizonte is Debbie's favorite song, and Lana Dale's favorite too. Recorded in 2011 at the Brixton in Redondo Beach. Dusty Watson, Dick's long time drummer is accompanying him in this one as well as Ron Eglit (Captain Ron).

dick and lana


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