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My car #9421 is 4 degrees off on timing.  Car from time to time sputters at low speed.  Went to set the timing and the aluminum distributor is siezed in the cast iron block.  Tried soaking it with penetrating fluid and nothing so far.  Anyone ever delt with this and if so, what was the fix.  I can put it back together and drive like it is but I like things to be perfect .......any suggestions would be welcomed.


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Dear Mike,

            I can only commiserate with you.  About 25 years ago that happened to one of my Panteras.  It confounded the independent garage mechanic for an easy resolution.  I do not know how they got it out, but I recall that it took about 2 or 3 days.....

            I am curious what approach the experienced Cleveland professionals would recommend.

                  Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

So I was in a hurry a bit ago and just typed a fast response to Chuck Engles.  I want to slow down and thank and congratulate people who help, respond, and just listen to comments on this forum.  It is what makes part of ownership so special.  Thanks to Sharkey, the poor guy has never met me but is always on the other end of the phone with help or suggestions.  So, if I have asked  a question and you responded and I never thanked you, Thank you!  It part of why I still have this car.

There's an o-ring near the top of the distributor's housing, it's going to prevent any chemicals from penetrating the distributor hole.

My experience has been that the distributors stick due to dried - caked oil, not corrosion. I've pulled several over the course of my life. I've done so in front engine cars, removing the engine hood (bonnet), wrapping a chain around the small part of the distributor with a bolt & nut holding the chain together like a noose, bolting the other end of the chain to a slide hammer type axle puller, and knocking the distributor out with the slide hammer.

Obviously that can't be done with the engine mounted in the Pantera.

How about a portable hydraulic ram? I've never tried that.


Do you know for sure the timing is off 4 degrees, or has the outer ring of the crankshaft damper walked on the hub by 4 degrees? How old is the crank damper? I've seen the rings walk on dampers merely 20 years old.



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Getting a stuck distributor out of a Pantera engine takes patience and brute force at times. Try rotating the distributor or at least turning it back and forth. It is most likely stuck in the block and not on the camshaft distributor gear drive. Hopefully that will get it out of the engine and not have the oil pump drive shaft come out with it.

George, I had a tech put a timing light on it and it showed 4 degrees out.  I will ask him if your assumption is or has been ruled out.  Also jffr, I cannot get the distributor to turn in any direction.  I honestly feel it has corroded onto the block.  I dont drive often so got all winter to get this handled.  The car drives well but sometimes stubles in low gear and at low rpm's.  I like my stuff perfect and this is just apparently 4 degrees away.........LOL   Thanks to all and I will keep informed as I go through the process.............

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