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I have been watching this car on ebay and I have talked with man two times. I wanted to go look at the car this past weekend but he told me not to bother because he was holding for 10 days for a guy in Sweden. his sounded nice but who knows most scammers do.
The thing is since then he has lowered the price on the car from 62k to 60k to 59.5k if your holding it, why is it still on ebay and why are you lowering the price.

I thought maybe someone might know the car or maybe he is on this forum and could tell me whats up?
I'll try to upload a picture of it but I don't do well on this forum yet so for now here is the Item # on ebay
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I sent the seller an e-mail, asking for the last four digits of the VIN and when the car would be available for inspection. He responded by saying the VIN doesn't matter because it isn't in the registry and it is not available for inspection because it has been sold to someone in Sweden, subject to inspection.

I also asked him if red was the original color. His response was, there's no way to know because NO Panteras came with paint code tags.

If I were looking to buy a Pantera, I'd pass on this one!
Originally posted by footbrake:
Originally posted by Husker:
Try to find out the VIN.

yes he didn't show the vin.
and the price is now 58k but
he just replied to my question on
ebay and said " nothing to report
still holding for Sweden"
sounds fishy.

Nothing really strange about this considering that it is most likely a scam. If you keep talking to him, the Sweden deal will eventually fall through and he will offer you the car at a lower price. The catch will be that you will have to pay a large sum of money up front before they will even tell you where the car is. Another twist is that there will be a shipping company involved and you will have to pay them a fee to get the car released. Anybody with some basic computer skills can find photos of almost anything and run adds on Ebay or Craig's List or other places. One thing that scammers don't like is people wasting their time with phone calls and emails about questions that they can't possibly answer.
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