I have the door handle assembly removed, and the plastic cap unscrewed from the rod, but I only get about 1/4" of up and down travel. The mechanism will just barley lock, and will pop up on it's own. About 1/2" of travel is really needed for a good secure lock. Is there an adjustment for the door lock rod travel?
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Yes there is, it's tough to explain, but I'll take a stab;

Firstly it's not intuitive as the binding comes from the key barrel to door mechanism rod, rather than the button rod itself. Locate the rod and pop off the little square plastic ball head and give it a few turns. I can't recall which direction, it's always a bit of trial an error.

Joe, sometimes if one or more of the stock countersunk flathead screws holding the latch mechanism in the door loosen slightly, the lock (or latch) may stop working. Those screws need to be installed with Lock-Tite and an impact driver to prevent loosening. I use a hammer-driven impact driver meant for motorcycle engine screws & bolts. And be extremely careful of that plastic ball-coupling on the lock adjusting rod. The plastic is nearly 50 yrs old and it gets brittle with age (like owners!) If the ball-socket cracks, you will be far worse off than you are now!
Yikes! Having made many adjustments on these old doors, I would never take an impact wrench to any of it, not even locktight, don't make it any harder, you're always going to need to make adjustments. Get fresh screws with the right countersunk head. Pantera Performance has them, the ones at your local hardware store won't sit right. Then get the RIGHT sized Phillips screw driver. Tighten by hand very firmly. Also, consider it's all rusted back there, you may very well wrench something off, or strip the threads, and then God help you.
issue appears to be in the mechanism on the door itself or the cylinder
the cylinder wont turn w the key and the mechanism wont move up or down by hand
haven't even begun on the driver side

just seems strange that the automatic lock on the alarm system worked fine and when we took rest of alarm out both sides failed at same time

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