I am stripping and repainting all the door trim on 2511, which is a January 1972 build. To me that means it would have originally come with shiny trim, which I have previously thought was polished stainless steel but now I am beginning to think it was chromed steel?

I have just received the trim after the old powder coating was chemically removed and was surprised by the appearance of the metal, which looks like mild steel and upon testing – for the first time – I have discovered the trim is very magnetic. I know some stainless steel metals have enough iron for them to be somewhat magnetic, but these pieces react just like a piece of thin mild steel.

2511 did have a bare metal restoration at Quella‘s in the mid-1990s, and perhaps the trim on 2511 is not the original trim? What was the base metal for the later cars that came from the factory with black trim?

SS or mild steel really doesn’t matter as they are going to be repainted, I am just trying to get my Pantera trim knowledge straightened out with the feedback of others.


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