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So an easy question.

How do you remove it from the rear caliper?
The manual says remove the clip and then the pin holding it on.

Well it looks like mine has rivet heads on both sides of the bracket.

It must be something super easy I am missing.

I have posted a couple of pictures in my blog on the Chassis page. You can follow the link below.

Thanks for the help.
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As I recall, you'll want to first disconnect the cable sheath/housing from that bracket it goes to. There's a SLOT there that once you get some slack, will allow you to slide it sideways out through the slot (you probably have to twist the end of the cable sheath/housing 90 degrees to a narrow spot that will allow it to pass out through the slot). It may also be you have to loosen a nut first as it looks like there may be one there from your pic. Once the housing is free, you'll be able to slide the cable end pin out from the "hook" it's now captured in. All that said, last time I did it I may have also had the calipers loose which probably helped, but shouldn't be a prerequisite.

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