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That is a beautiful job. Having done that project myself many years ago (although nowhere near as well), I know how much effort you have invested. Take my advice and when it's all done NEVER drive the car. That way you'll be able to enjoy that beautiful clean engine bay forever. Big Grin

Thanks again.
Panel and paint by pro. all the pulling apart of engine , trans and basicly all the stuff bolted on i have stripped, pulled down to nuts and bolts, cleaned, bead blasted and painted or had coated.
i have done the SS work cutting and installing, can't tig yet.
all the reinstalling I am doing myself. plumbing and most of the wiring i am doing. Wire lume was removed before car was dipped . I stripped all the tape, cleaned and replaced one wire which had burt out then re wrapped in tape.
new relays installed for new spal fans and head lights.
upgraded to MSD ignition, new lighter starter motor.

New fulridyne radiator, spall fans.
have spent a small fortune on areoflow hose and fittings for vacum, and fuel lines.
just installed a new manual choke holly 650.

will try and document a bit more about it when i get a chance.
this car is to drive. It will never look as good as it will the day its completed so ill take the photos and enjoy that then. But it is for driving, and i'll get my enjoyment from behind the wheel.

more photos in the link 4355 restoration, gives you a little idea as to what an anal prick i can be.

cheers all cj
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