Because there are limited production counts available of Euro Panteras, I tried to calculate the number of Euro GTS-es based on an intrapolation of the figures in the the Provamo Registry and the counts in this topic.

Provamog registry:

GTS 430
GR3 45
GT4 4
Subtotal: 479

Total registries: 5450 (assumption)

Production count:
GTS, GR3, GT4 added: 623

Total production: 7085

based on a rate of 1,3 (total production and provamo registry) the production number of GTS-es must be approximately 559 (479*1,3):

estimate 421 euro GTS
estimate 138 Ford GTS
total estimate: 559 GTS worldwide

Do you think my estimate of high 500 low 600 for world wide GTS-es and about 450 Euro GTS-es is a bit close to what you think?

regards, Xander
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The simplest and arguably the most exact list of GTS Panteras will come from contacting Santiago DeTomaso in Modena, IT and asking him how many narrow-body street Panteras were built by DeTomaso-Europe during 1971-1989. He has all the factory records and sells this type of information on request. Santiago's business in Italy at www.rscorse.com/shop-on-line-detomaso-parts.com/

It's my understanding that ALL narrow-body street Panteras built by DeTomaso & sold in Europe, the near-East and Australia/NZ were called 'GTS', and the last one was sold in 1989: s/n 9448 (France). There's a later serial (#9483) but it's listed as a 1987 (U.S). The U.S 'GTS' was a decal package built by Ford for the U.S. and shared only a badge or two and the rivited flares with Euro GTS cars.

Some optioned narrow-body Euro cars were also termed 'GTS/Gr-3': street Panteras factory-converted for occasional semi-pro racing while still being street licensed. The 14 (or 16) Gr-4/GT-4/Stradale racers of the '70s had factory-special chassis and special-everything-else. They did not start out as street GTS cars and with 10" wide front wheels & 14" wide rears, are NOT considered 'narrow-body' cars. Their closest street-car relatives are the GT-5 wide-bodies of the '80s. The whole subject is confusing, with two separate manufacturers selling 'GTS' Panteras.
I just want to mention that my understanding of production numbers constantly changes with new information. Whereas Chuck keeps the registry up to date, a forum post by me dated 02/01/06 is not up to date. It does not represent my current understanding of the topic. I can't keep track of every post I've made, and I can't edit every post as new information is made available, in fact I roll my eyes when somebody quotes a 10 year old post of mine.

We are all working to be as accurate as possible, but the information before us is constantly changing. I do check Chuck's registry from time to time to confirm certain data which I know is critical to production numbers. I update my personal data based upon the data Chuck and others like Peter Havlik have collected. That personal data shall effect any future posts I make on the topic ... but not previous posts.

On the GTS issue, its not too difficult to determine how many GTS were manufactured amongst the 9000 series cars (coaches manufactured by Maggiora & Embo), but it is very difficult to determine amongst the Ford era cars (Vignale coaches).

I hope that makes sense to everyone.
Originally posted by Steeler:
Is it known when the last -
Ford era cars (Vignale coaches).
were made? what the last Ford Vin was? Smiler

Last Ford VIN shipped to the US was reported to be #7380.
Terry, I don't know the purpose of your last question, but Ghia Operations (Vignale owned by Ford) manufactured more coaches beyond 7380, chassis 7381 through "about" 7554. Those excess coaches were sold to De Tomaso, which used them to fabricate additional cars through 1976 at the rate of about 8 per month.
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