I’m nearing the end of the repair items I scheduled for this years off season. These repairs included:

Adapting Waher radiator thermal switches to the cooling fans.
Replacing all the coolant hoses.
Reattaching the headliner.
Removing the radio and installing a delete plate
Dent and chip repair in the body.

During the last few months of last year I noticed that my car would hesitate from mid RPM’s up in all gears while cruising. I found a couple of loose plug wire connections and a loose wire at the coil. All were repaired. After running the motor then filling and refilling the coolant level after the hoses were changed I found the car would backfire at high RPM’s when revving the motor. My feeling was that it was running too rich (my eyes were burning) so I started from scratch and adjusted the mixture screws on the Holley 750. The problem seems to be gone now.

So for today’s question; my car is still up on jack stands. I rolled under the car with an IR thermal gun to check the header temps during warm-up and when the motor is at operating temp. I suspected that I may have a fouling plug contributing the hesitation mentioned above. All cylinders started heating up as soon and the motor was fired. Numbers 4 and 8 seemed to lag behind. When the motor was at operating temp (180 degrees) 4 and 8 were consistently 20% cooler. I’m not familiar with the cooling jacket locations in the Cleveland.

So my question is:

Is there a condition with the motor that cause this difference in temp?
Is the difference in temp even worth pursuing?

The motor is a non stock Cleveland with A-3 heads and a Ford Motorsports intake manifold.

Thanks, CB
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