Has anyone had work performed by Klassic Rides in Denver NC?  http://klassicrides.com/

I have spoken with Owner and he mentioned he had worked on a couple Panteras in the past.

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As Good as this Place may be, (hopefully it's the best Place ever) and depending on what Your having done, make sure they Don't put You on the For Ever Plan! Often what starts out as a 3, 6, 8 month Plan, ends with a 2-3 year we'll get on it Plan! Not trying sound Negative, Just Been there Done that! Good Luck

I know I am not being forthright about this.

but THANKS for the Good Luck Wish.   ( I could use some)

Hopefully I'll update what is occurring in a week or so.

Nothing wrong with checking into the experiences / reputation of a shop that claims to have worked on Panteras independently than just asking the shop-owner. 

That's called being a smart consumer.


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