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I need to replace my brake master cylinder. I have the new style OEM looking but larger bore replacement now but is has started leaking from the seals under the resevoir, alot. I'm looking for feedback on the different options offered by the vendors. My car has stock brakes minus the proportioning valve, for now but I do want to upgrade when I dig up some gold coins in my back yard, NorCal check the news. Anyway, Dennis offers a Wilwood version with a plastic resevoir, Scott offers a Billet Wilwood, Byars has a booster master combo. What have you used and how does it perform. Looks like no matter what I do I am going to have to try to flare the brake lines. Can this be done to stock lines?

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Hi Steve,
When I found out I was going to have to address the brake issues on my car, like you I started asking questions and followed up with lots of searches. Because I wanted braking performance equal to current performance cars I decided on going with a complete compatible system. Wilwood makes all the pieces for a system on a 45 yr old Pantera. You may find dealing with Wilwood directly to set up your specific parts needs to be a real pain,as I did. I found that Scott at SACC knows Panteras AND how to work with Wilwood.

Scott arranged for everything we needed (and at fair prices); some items he stocked and the others he arranged for Wilwood to gather for me to pickup. The job started with rotors and calipers including new SS braided lines, and ended with the billet master cylinder, and finally the billet proportioning valve when we learned the original Pantera arrangement caused too much front braking.

The car has been on the road and four moderate use track days for about 10 months. No leaks. The installation looks great. The stopping power is surreal. The results are worth the time, effort, and cost involved.

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