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In the 1990's this car was imported from Europe.  Its VIN is THPNNE06973.  It was originally sold in Belgium by Claude Dubois to a European owner.  I am trying to figure out which front bumper it left the factory with.  It currently has the big rubber bumper that came on the L cars imported by Ford.  The bumper is mounted using shocks that bolt onto the chassis in what looks to be work done by the factory.  From the wheel well I can also see unused holes (when the headlights are up) in the car's sheetmetal that possibly could have been used for European bumperettes.  I am trying to figure out if the bumper seen below is factory or retrofitted when the car was brought here.  The car is registered as 1975 but its build date is 2/1/1974.  



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Hi Steve -

I'm sure you have seen the paperwork at the bottom of the ProvaMo listing.....  calling out the car specifically as a "Lusso"....  I would take it to mean the car came out of the factory like that.....  But that's just an assumption....

But it sure wouldn't make sense that Claude would convert the car to an "L" model prior to the sale unless it came out of the factory like that.

But that's just my wild speculation.



Is Claude still around?  If he is, I bet there are a few people here who might be able to get contact information.

Yes, Claude is still around and he reached out to me about this car a while back.   I sent him a message today asking if he remembers how it arrived at his distributorship in context to the bumper.  I feel like I am kind of asking a lot of him because it was more than 45 years ago and he sold a bunch of DeTomaso cars.

But Claude did not export the car to the US.  He sold it to a European owner.  The car was later sold to someone in the US and the bumper could have been retrofitted for DOT compliance.

Don't place too much emphasis on the factory stamped holes in the fenders. For his Euro sold models, DeTomaso wholesaled Ford-built Panteras- maybe semi-stripped models- and used those to 'build' his Euro GTS cars. For instance, rear side markers were not required in Europe nor Asia at the time but all Panteras of the period had the stamped holes for them, sometimes covered by a body colored plate.

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