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Most of us have learned that in order to avoid realignment problems when removing the rear decklid, the best method to is to carefully drive out the two hinge pins rather than unbolting the hinges. 
This option is not available for the front hood hinges. 
I thought I would share the method I just used with 2511 to minimize alignment problems when removing the front hood. 
Now this method probably would have to be done with a right angle drill on a car with an installed radiator, but without the radiator installed I was able to use a regular cordless drill. 
BTW, this method also will work when removing the headlight buckets from their bracket. 
Protect project area from wayward drill bits, etc. 
Carefully center punch for two holes and use a drill stop on a small 1/8” drill bit. 
Drill through the hinge plate and the hood bracing, and you now have two alignment holes to use with small drifts that will allow an easy no-alignment-headache re-install. 
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 I would be the last to say what you did was wrong. However, I believe the holes in the hinge plate are somewhat larger than the actual bolts,  and thus would allow some mis-alignment. 

 I admittedly may be a bit over cautious, but after waiting over three years to get my repaired car back home I certainly do not want to chip the paint reinstalling the front hood. 😳😳😥😥


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