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Hello Everyone,

I have owned #1492 for many years, it is a wide body with 15 inch wheels. Front rotors needs replacement and I can’t figure out what Ford/Lincoln are these for. They are one piece rotor hub assemblies with 11.7 inch diameter and 1.18 inch thickness. Calipers are 4 piston from ’69 Lincoln Continental. I have checked Raybestos pn 6012 and 6014 which were mentioned on this forum.  Both have same diameter and thickness but, the inner and outer races are too far apart and will not fit an early Pantera Spindle.

Does anyone know of a Ford one piece rotor& hub with 11.7’’ diameter and 1.18” thickness that will fit an early car ?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Do they look like this? Be careful with late '60s T-Bird/Lincoln calipers. Some have a long curved bulge across the outer face that contacts some wheel flanges, preventing you from tightening the lug nuts. So longer wheel studs and some sort of wheel spacer is needed. The cast bulge routes brake fluid from one set of pistons to the other so it cannot be ground down for clearance.


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  • '66-68 T-Bird vented rotors and brake calipers

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