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Hi all:

The rear bolt for my sway bar has snapped off. It has a flat head (still in place) that's welded to the bracket.

I have seen videos on drilling out snapped bolts, but those don't have heads. Is it OK to just drill an 8mm hole through that head and attach a new bolt? Otherwise how do you detach the old head?




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I know several owners, including myself, who have snapped rear sway bar studs. This is the first for me on a front stud. I'm not sure what I did on my rear studs will work for the front studs but I think it is a worthwhile solution that might prove to be food for thought.



I removed all four studs, ground them flush with the chassis and center punched each one.

I carefully drilled out each stud (and the round stud head) using increasingly larger drill bits untill I had the proper size for an 8mm tap followed by carefully tapping each drilled hole.

The stock studs were only 6mm. The stud head and the chassis metal is thick enough to provide adequate length of tapped threads. One could always add a nut to the backside if needed.

I used socket head cap screws for the clearance they provide.

The 6mm studs are likely over stressed with our common larger wheels and tires.

Why not just upgrade all four to the larger 8mm solution so you don't have to revisit this issue when the next 6mm stud snaps off?

I have photographs somewhere and if I can find them will update this post.


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