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Looking to find & purchase  2 complete sets of the old front vent window glued on mirrors..sold my many parts vendors back in the 80-'s  Plymouth Colt/Omni mirrors

OE (mitsubishi numbers)  Mirrors were OMB 088295 & 088296

mounting base plates were OMB 088471 and 088472

photo attached

Pantera vent window mitsubishi mirrorpantera door mirror Mitsubishi 2Cory Gehling at 608 849 9878


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  • Pantera vent window mitsubishi mirror
  • pantera door mirror Mitsubishi 2
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I have a tote of those mirrors on a garage shelf, but not sure exactly what I have.

the drivers mirror was available manual or electric, the passenger side only in electric.

I assume when you say sets, you are seeking two of the driver mirrors and two of the passenger mirrors, correct?

do you also need the mounting bases for all four mirrors?

are manual drivers mirrors acceptable, or do you prefer electric?

the electrics need the original joystick switches, and they are even harder to find than the mirrors. However, I do know one owner who adapted a different, dual-mirror control, utilizing a circuit containing some relays

please clarify your needs, I will check my pieces tomorrow


Dear Larry,

Thank you for the reply..........Very interested.......are mirrors new or used?

Very familiar with the manual /electrical options..........we use to install these mirrors on many cars years back .....I hated drilling into any door sheet metals. The nice thing about these mirrors they worked.

OK ...FYI......GT5 electric mirror switch was the best option for electrical mirrors.

I would prefer to complete sets of mirrors with their respective mounting base plates

Your call is welcome and send a photo of the mirrors when you have time!!

Kind regards

Cory Gehling

Collectors Choice Ltd /Viper Parts USA

608 849 9878

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