POCA Fun Rally Packet - 2009

Welcome! This document aims to provide you with the information you need to optimize your experience at the Fun Rally. It provides a description of the Event’s activities and how to participate. Should you require additional information, please inquire at the Fun Rally’s Registration desk located in front of the Mandalay Ballroom.

Your Fun Packet should include the following:

Fun Rally Button(s)
Your "Fun Rally Button" must be worn to enter the hospitality suite! There are no exceptions to this rule. It does not matter that you know the event organizers; if your button is lost, misplaced or stolen, it will be necessary for you to replace it should you desire to enter the hospitality suite or Saturday Banquet. The replacement cost is significant and reduces each day as the event progresses: Wednesday: $200.00; Thursday: $170.00; Friday: $140.00; Saturday: $100.00. These prices are per person. Care for your Button as it is valuable property.

Descriptions of Events
This document includes descriptions of the Rally’s events and how you can participate in them to help you plan and extract the most pleasure from your Fun Rally Experience. In the hospitality suite, an Event Registration Board is displayed for you to sign up to attend events during the Rally. Some of these events are limited as to the number of participants. Most of them require the organizers to inform the restaurants of a headcount. Please register for the events in which you plan to participate. The sign-up sheets include space for guests without a De Tomaso seeking a ride with one who has an extra seat available. If you have a seat to offer, please check the sign-up list. Someone will greatly
appreciate it. You do not have to drive a De Tomaso to participate in any of the drives.

A POCA Fun Rally Agenda
The Agenda lists most of the events and their start times.

National Automobile Museum Tour and Dinner Tickets
If you have registered for the Friday evening National Automobile Museum Tour and Dinner, your tickets for entry are also in the packet.

Commemorative Dash Plaque

Reno-Fernley Raceway Participant Information

General Event Information

The Hospitality Suite
Mandalay Ballroom – The Hospitality Suite serves as the nerve center of the event. The Suite offers the Fun Rally Participant free drinks, snacks, fellowship and a display of De Tomasos. Meet your old friends, make new ones, and place a face to that e-mail respondent on the forum. Videos of previous rallies, events, etc., will be shown. Hours are:

Wednesday 3:00pm - Midnight
Thursday Noon - Midnight
Friday Noon - 5:30pm; 9:00pm - Midnight
Saturday Noon - 5:30pm; 10:00pm - 1:00am
Sunday 8:00am - Noon (Doughnuts and Coffee)

Reminder: You must wear your Fun Rally Button to enter the hospitality suite and Saturday Banquet. Please do not bring drinks from the hospitality suite to non-registered guests. It is not fair to expect others to subsidize non-paying guests.

Post Drive Tech Session
De Tomasos arriving in Reno on Wednesday, we will have a section of the secured parking lot set up for you to inspect your car and make repairs. We will have:
 Floor jacks, jack stands, ramps, tri-pod mounted halogen lights, shop light, extension cords, limited tools
We will also make an area available for you to clean your De Tomaso with a spigot, hose, buckets, and detergent.

If you have additional tools that you could lend to the effort or some time to help others with their cars, please drop by.
Reno local, Julian Kift, made this generous offer – “If anyone discovers they have greater needs than can be provided for at the hotel, I have a reasonably well equipped garage with compressed air, 4 post lift, etc. I'm about 15 minutes from downtown. In preparation for the track event, I'll also have the trailer hooked up to the truck on the Wednesday, so I can drive down to the hotel with additional tools; or, if there was a road trip incident within reach of Reno, I could probably come out and trailer you into Reno; that is as long as you are not stuck down some farm track as the trailer is a 32' gooseneck.”

Hospitality Suite Car Display
If you have been invited to display your car in the hospitality suite, please contact John Schirmer upon arrival in Reno for details on staging your vehicle. John’s cell phone number is 714-307-0728.

Your vehicle must be removed from the hospitality suite by Saturday morning to allow the hotel staff to set the room up for the Saturday Banquet. Car entry and removal will be at established times as hotel resources and John Schirmer will need to be present. Please coordinate your needs with him.

POCA and Chapter Club Stores
The Stores are located in the hospitality suite. Don't leave all your discretionary income at the blackjack tables. Consider assisting the Chapters and vendors, who support your hobby, by purchasing a memento of the Event for your family or car. The stores will include the POCA Club Store, the PCNC Club Store, the CHPIE Club Store and others. Also, please consider helping out your Chapter by manning the store for an hour or two. It is a good way to meet people.

Vendor Booths in the Hospitality Suite
In view of their ongoing support of POCA, we have invited De Tomaso vendors to display, without a fee, their products in the hospitality suite. Our desire is to provide them an opportunity to meet you and showcase any of their new products or sale items. However, because we do not want to be considered a trade show and run afoul of the Nevada tax authorities, you are not allowed purchase any products on site from a for-profit organization; The vendor is only permitted to take your order.

Access to De Tomaso Parts
Inevitably, the best made plans are prone to failure when a component unexpectedly fails on your 30+ year old automobile and you are far from home. Reno is the home of Pantera Parts Connection owned by Larry Stock. Larry’s shop can provide the parts and experience required to get you back on the road. Other Pantera vendors are present as well. We know they brought their expertise and potentially some parts for display that may help in a pinch. Should your issues surface early enough, please visit the Post Drive Tech Session Wednesday evening; we will try to point you in the right direction and possibly help you get it sorted out.

Event Descriptions

Please remember to sign up on the appropriate sheet posted to the Event Bulletin Board in the Hospitality Suite. Accurate headcounts ahead of time allow us to optimize the experience by allowing the restaurants and hosts to prepare accordingly.

Thursday and Friday – Performance Driving at Reno Fernley Raceway

Yes, for 2009 we will be utilizing the Reno-Fernley Raceway for the first time. The track offers up numerous different configurations; the event staff has chosen the one that will provide the best combination of sweeping corners, long straights, and a few low-speed corners. The course is technically demanding in some areas, with some significant elevation changes and plenty of run-off room. The front straight is substantially longer than the back straight at Spring Mountain, so top speeds will be even higher, and there is a fairly long secondary straight as well.

This location will provide an even more enjoyable environment for both spectators and participants. The facility boasts shaded picnic areas for spectators, and will have more than ample parking space for all. The track is located only about 30 minutes from the hotel, outside the town of Fernley, Nevada.

Track event details are separate and in this packet.

Thursday – Tahoe Ridge Winery Tour Drive

Description: You will drive south towards Carson City to the Tahoe Ridge Winery production facility for tasting and an introduction to wine making.

From there they will proceed about 5 miles to David Walley's Hot Springs Resort for a deli-buffet lunch and a soak in their natural hot springs pools (4 pools of different temperatures). They provide towels, showers and lockers, bring your own bathing suit.

Total event cost including lunch is $22.00 each payable the day of the event.

Host: Reno Tahoe - Jim Nowlin

Departure location: Pantera Parking Lot

Event Time: Event is scheduled from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Please be ready at the Parking Lot to receive instructions by 9:30am.

Thursday – Visit Fernley Raceway and Tour Virginia City

This recommended self-guided drive offers a little for everyone. Following the suggested loop, highlighted on the map, will bring you past the Racetrack in the morning and offer you an opportunity to enjoy other Panteras at speed on the track. Depending upon when you arrive, you may elect to take a spirited lap or two during the lunch time tour.

The second leg of your trip takes you to historic Virginia City of Bonanza fame. For 25 glorious years, Virginia City was the leading city in Nevada and the brightest and most important settlement between Denver and San Francisco.

Arriving from the south east, you have the opportunity to approach the city on Highway 341, a paved road, built originally for the ore trucks going to and from Virginia City. Twice a year, it is now home to the famous Ferrari Club sponsored Virginia Hill Climb course. This twisty course is 5.2 miles in length and leads you into the heart of Downtown.

A map of the recommended route is the last page of this document.

You may stroll along authentic board sidewalks, view historic churches, scores of 19th century homes, public buildings and quaint cemeteries. You may also visit Old West saloons, shops, museums and restaurants for free or nominal costs, ride on a stagecoach, horse-drawn carriage, trolley or the
historic steam-engine Virginia and Truckee Railroad that crosses scenic high desert and landscape dotted with old mines.

This drive permits you to enjoy the day at your pace. You have the flexibility to savor lunch at the track or in a historic saloon in Virginia City. It is your call. Enjoy the day.

Thursday Dinner – The Ultimate Rush - Speed & Thrill Park

Description: This event provides an opportunity to let your competitive juices flow in a Go-Cart Competition. Perhaps, it is a must for those who wish to exhibit their driving capabilities without risking Italian sheet metal. We will have the Oval Track for our private use for two hours of fun drives and competition. The cost is $25.00 per person. Spectators are welcome.
There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and worst lap time. The winners will be announced at the Saturday Banquet, so get your game on!

Pizza and soda will be provided as well as gifts for all paid attendees.
The track will be open to us from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
The track is located at 2500 E. Second Street which is near the Grand Sierra Report at the intersection of highway 395 and Second street.

Host: George Pence and Jim Cozzolino “Coz” of Pantera International

Departure location: Pantera Parking Area for short drive to the facility

Departure Time: 6:00pm

Event Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Thursday Evening – Comedy Club

Description: On Thursday, join us for an evening of comedy with a buffet dinner at the "Catch a Rising Star" club at the Silver Legacy Hotel, which is connected to our host hotel, Circus Circus. The dinner is at 6:00pm. The show’s seating is at 7:30pm. Event cost is $23.00 per person.

Host: TPOC - Judy McCartney

Departure Location: Fun Rally Registration Desk

Departure Time: 5:30pm

Event Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm

Friday – Tahoe Drive – Sierra Boat or Paddle Wheel Cruise

Description: A drive to Lake Tahoe invites you to sample either a tour of the Sierra Boat Company or a Lake Tahoe Cruises paddle-wheel boat tour of South Lake Tahoe. The event will start with a Friday morning drive around Lake Tahoe with your choice of these two events along the way.

Option 1: Sierra Boat Company is the only full-service wooden boat sales and service marina on Lake Tahoe. In business since 1952 on the Northwest corner of the Lake, they have an extensive inventory of classic wooden boats for sale, as well as a complete restoration facility with all of the specialized craftsmen and tools to make this happen. They would be glad to host a tour of the facility, and this would be a real treat for anyone of you who are into boats and/or woodworking. Carl of Sierra Boat Company has done previous tours with Jim Nowlin and Reno/Tahoe Panteras.
We will be leaving the Circus Circus around 9:00am, and the group that will be stopping for the tour there will arrive around 10:30am. The tour will takefrom 30 to 45 min. and will include the shop, sales area and the docks to look at some of the more unique boats they have for sale and/or are working on. There is parking at Patton Beach immediately to the west of Sierra Boat, or to the East about a 1/2 block away is Garwood's Restaurant, where you could enjoy a wonderful early lunch before you continue around the lake.

Option 2: Lake Tahoe Cruises out of Zephyr Cove, on the SE side of Lake Tahoe, does a two-hour cruise on a Mississippi River style paddle-wheeler around the south end of the lake and through Emerald Cove. This is an incredible way to see the lake and the views are amazing. The estate in Emerald Cove was used as a set for the Godfather Part II. The boarding call is at 12:30pm with the boat set to leave the dock at 1:00pm. The excursion concludes at 3:00pm.
It is encouraged that you contact Tahoe Cruises directly to reserve your space on the boat at 1.800.23.TAHOE and tell them you are joining the Pantera group on Friday, June 12 at 1:00 pm. The adult fare is $41 per person and children 11 or under is $20. You can wait until we get there on Friday to pay, but there is that chance the boat will be full and you won't be able to join us. The cruise has a deli buffet lunch available on-board for $12/person: a full service bar is also provided. Parking at the dock is secure and runs $8 per car. There will be plenty of time for all to return to Circus Circus after the cruise to get ready for the National Automobile Museum (Harrah Collection) event that evening.

There will be a signup sheet in the hospitality suite when you get to the Circus Circus, and there you can indicate whether you are going to do the Sierra Boat tour or the Paddle Wheel Cruise. Route maps, directions and timing information will be available during the driver's meeting on Friday morning before we leave.

Host: Panteras Northwest – Mike Thomas

Meeting Location: Pantera Parking Lot

Departure Time: 9:00am; Please be ready by 8:45am

Event Time: 8:45am – 4:30pm, if cruising on the Paddle Wheel

Friday - National Automobile Museum (Harrah Collection) & Dinner

Description: POCA Fun Rally Participants will have private access to the National Automobile Museum (Harrah Collection) at 7:00pm. We will enjoy a full buffet dinner with dessert and beverages.

You will be able to walk among over 200 of some of the finest and most historical cars spanning more that a century of automotive history. For those who have not been to this facility, the presentation of the vehicles may be among the best you will ever see.

The museum is located at 10 South Lake St; it is an easy six block walk down Virginia Street. If you choose to drive, the Museum that has
off-street parking.

If you have not signed up for the Museum & Dinner and would like to attend, you need to enroll at the registration desk prior to Thursday at midnight.

Host: Reno Tahoe – Jim Nowlin

Meeting Location: Front lobby of Circus Circus by the Hotel Shuttle

Meeting Time: 5:45pm

Event Time: 5:45pm to 9:00pm

Saturday Morning President’s Meeting

Description: The POCA Presidents meeting is limited to Chapter Presidents and a guest of their choosing. The Chapter President is encouraged to designate an alternate to represent their Chapter in their absence. A light breakfast is served.

Host: Mark McWhinney

Meeting Location: Mandalay Room 2&3

Meeting Time: 9:00AM – 10:30AM

Saturday – Plaza Car Display

Description: It began in Las Vegas. A show of cats, with the roar of thunder, that shook the city and cleared the casinos. It was an organized parade of Panteras pawing down Fremont Street that entertained the populace and introduced the sexually brutal machines to young and old alike. Over time, the event evolved to be a static display as the shape of Fremont Street changed. The show was popular among the participants because it was conveniently located near the host hotel and the public genuinely enjoyed the cars.
We hope to capture many of these elements in the Virginia Street Display at the Reno based Fun Rally. Adjacent to the Reno Arch, the City of Reno has built two new plazas which we will utilize for the De Tomaso car show. The location is two blocks from the Circus-Circus at the intersection of Virginia and West Third. We will have exclusive use of these plazas from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 13th. The City is excited about our presence.

As is tradition, the CHIPIE Chapter’s President will select a Pantera deserving of the Gary Powley Memorial Award. In addition, the Stanley Cooper Award will be presented to the most desirable stock Pantera.
By 10am, Space City Panteras, the host chapter, will endeavor to guide the De Tomasos into place and rally the call to power at 12:00 noon. On cue, all De Tomasos in the Plaza will start their engines and rev them up in order to let the people feel the roar and announce that POCA has arrived.
These are the moments that cling in the minds of visiting youth and inspire them to be part of the next generation of owners. We hope that EVERY De Tomaso participating in the Fun Rally will be present.

Host: Space City Panteras – Orville Burg

Departure location: Pantera Parking Lot. You will receive direction and guidance as to positioning your car in the Plaza.

Departure time: 9:30am

Saturday –Technical Session

Description: Jack DeRyke, POCA Newsletter Editor and Boss Wrench, will lead a panel discussion about Pantera repair and maintenance. This is your opportunity to troubleshoot your De Tomaso ailment directly from the experts.

Host: Jack DeRyke leads a group of experts on a panel.

Event Location: Mandalay 2&3

Event time: 3:00pm -4:30pm

Saturday Night Banquet

Description: Dinner Banquet, Awards Ceremony and POCA Raffle. The Banquet includes a Buffet with desserts. A cash bar will be available.
This year’s keynote speaker is Jason Eaton. If there is a theme to the Pantera community, this year's theme would be Cross Country Rally. Panteras ran in the BullRun Competition, the Gumball 3000, the Pan-European drive to Italy, and of course all the major open road races.
The year started with the BullRun TV series that aired on the Speed channel. The show, based on the international rally of the same name, follows twelve teams of diverse personalities, driving everything from Corvettes to Ferraris to a VW microbus across 3,500 miles of the southwestern United States in search of fame and fortune. They don't just drive from point A to point B. The teams also must survive challenges, conflicts and car problems to try to win $200,000 in cash and prizes.
Jason Eaton and his co-pilot Nick Morland drove Jason's Pantera in the BullRun. Jason will talk to us about the drive and the action behind the scenes on the show. He will have pictures and video clips.
Your Fun Rally Button is required for entry to the Banquet.

Host: John Taphorn and Judy McCartney, Fun Rally Co-Chairpersons

Event location: Mandalay Ballroom

Event time: Doors open at 6:30pm – 10:00pm

POCA’s Fun Rally Raffle

Description: This event is POCA’s annual fundraiser. The proceeds are applied to POCA’s annual expenses and cost overruns that occur at the Fun Rally. The benefit to our membership has been lower annual membership dues. POCA Chapters share in the revenue raised based on their contribution to Raffle ticket sales. Raffle prizes are generously donated by De Tomaso vendors, POCA Chapters, POCA Board and Individual Members. We are grateful for their generosity and appreciate your support. Raffle tickets sell for two dollars each.

Host: Mike Thomas & Jim Cozzolino

Event location: Mandalay Ballroom

Event time: Saturday Evening at the Banquet

Saturday Night Hospitality Suite Party

Description: Guests meet in the hospitality suite for conversation and refreshments.

Host: POCA

Event location: The Hospitality Suite

Event Time: Following the Banquet

Sunday Morning – Hospitality Suite

Description: Coffee, Donuts and an opportunity for final good byes before your departure.

The Fun Rally Committee operates the event for the benefit of POCA and its members. POCA provides the funding and advertising for the event as well as management of the POCA Club Store and Raffle. All major decisions are made with the knowledge and permission of the POCA Board of Directors. The Fun Rally Committee is appointed by the Board, and the Board reserves the right to determine the committee’s staffing.

Judy McCartney and John Taphorn are Fun Rally Co-Chairs; Bob Reid serves as Event CFO. Mark McWhinney, POCA President, has facilitated and helped Co-ordinate all aspects of the Event. Jim Nowlin has played a significant leadership role helping with negotiations and the orchestration of many activities. He has been our “feet on the ground” local resource. Mike Thomas and Jim Cozzolino serve as Raffle Chair and event hosts; Asa Jay and Shelley Laughton are POCA Store Co-Managers. Bill and Cindy Harris are responsible for snacks in the hospitality suite.

John Schirmer has facilitated the Hospitality Suite Car Display. Jack & Judy Deryke, Kent and Sandy Snyder, Lee Farrell, Mike Drew and Orville Burg have helped with awards, marketing, and consulting for the Event. Many others have contributed to help make the Event a success.

Judy McCartney and I wish to express our appreciation to those mentioned and others who have given generously of their talents and time to facilitate the 2009 POCA Fun Rally. Also, we extend our thanks to you for participating.

DAY ONE Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

3:00pm – Midnight Event Registration: Mandalay Ballroom - Hospitality Suite

3:00 pm – 7:00pm De Tomaso Post Drive Tech – De Tomaso Parking lot
(optional – help owners inspect car for Event drives and return leg.)

DAY TWO Thursday June 11th, 2009

7:30am – 5:00pm PCNC Reno Fernley Track Event – Hosted by PCNC

9:30am – 4:00pm Tahoe Ridge Winery Tour Drive, Lunch & David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort – Hosted by Reno-Tahoe

Open – Open Virginia City Drive, Shopping & Lunch

Noon – Midnight Hospitality Suite: Mandalay Ballroom

5:30pm – Open Comedy Club, Dinner & Dancing – “Catch a Rising Star”, Silver Legacy Hotel - Hosted by TPOC

6:00pm – 10:00pm Go-Cart Races and Dinner – Hosted by Pantera International

DAY THREE Friday, June 12th, 2009

7:30am – 5:00pm PCNC Reno Fernley Track Event – Hosted by PCNC

9:00am – 4:30pm Lake Tahoe Tour Drive: Paddle Wheel Boat Experience or Sierra Boat Company Hosted by NWP

Noon – 5:30pm Hospitality Suite: Mandalay Ballroom

6:00pm – 9:00pm National Automobile Museum & Dinner: The Harrah Collection
Hosted by Reno Tahoe

9:00pm – Midnight Hospitality Suite: Mandalay Ballroom

DAY FOUR Saturday, June 13th, 2009

9:00am – 10:30am President’s Breakfast Meeting: Mandalay 2&3 (Participation limited to Chapter Presidents and the POCA Board)

10:00am – 2:00pm Reno’s Plaza De Tomaso Car Show – Hosted by Space City Panteras

Noon – 5:30pm Hospitality Suite: Mandalay Ballroom

3:00pm – 4:30pm Pantera Technical Session: Mandalay 2&3, Hosted by Jack DeRyke

6:30pm – 10:00pm POCA Awards Banquet and Raffle: Mandalay Ballroom -
Keynote Speaker – Jason Eaton

10:00pm – 1:00am Hospitality Suite: Mandalay Ballroom

DAY FIVE Sunday, June 14th, 2009

8:00am – Noon Hospitality Suite: Mandalay Ballroom
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