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I recently purchased a set of the ANSA exhaust and manifold extractor assembly from Wilkinson's. To be clear up front , the product I received was a quality product and I have absolutely no criticism of it. I was very happy with it and the orbit extractor connections were a delight when adjusting the alignment.

Wilkinsons  asked me if I wanted straight pipes or tips up. I always liked the look of the tips up exhaust so at that point went tips up.

In more ways than one.

The package arrived and I started to fit the pipes immediately running into a clash with the bumper bar. I had not realized the Tip up units will not fit with the bumper on.

The original bumper mounts were the solid bracket type not the telescoping. I found by inverting the brackets and adding around 32mm of extra length in the location shown the bumper was raised and spaced well for the body and the exhaust tips .

The bumper also looks better as it hides the transition fold line across the back of the car which is visible in the original location . Finally because it is slightly further back it actually protects the exhaust tips by about 10-15mm instead of leaving them protruding as the first point of contact.

This was a simple change and worked well.

Bracket modification IMG_2909


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  • Bracket modification
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