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In case anyone was wondering - just installed a set of Goodridge braided steel hoses on my '72. Absolutely perfect match to the originals, and about $125 total, shipped from the UK to the US. Thought I would post this b/c I haven't yet seen a posting for readily available, affordable hoses.
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Can you provide the part numbers for what you ordered? Maybe a link to the exact part? Did you have to specify the threads on each end and/or whether the ends are straight or 90-degree fittings?

Is this what you ordered?

Tiny URL if the above doesn't work:

And did you order it with the stainless end fittings?

That link for merlinmotorsport that you show are the ones I ordered - as far as I can tell, that is the only Pantera part they offer. I didn't specify stainless - in fact, I didn't know they offered it - just the regular brass end fittings. I didn't specify anything, actually - just ordered them and bolted on! You'll see that the rear hoses come w/ another fitting in a small bag. It replaces the fitting that goes between the original rear hose and rear caliper (about an inch long or so). And, this item contains all 4 brake hoses.
I should also note, what I replaced on my car was the stock equipment (my car hasn't been on the road in 30 years...!) My car had original hoses, calipers, brake lines - this Goodridge part works perfectly in that case.

If you think about it, getting a garden-variety, parts-store rubber brake hose for any car on the road costs about $30, so this is quite a fair deal for 4 x stainless hoses.
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