Great Lakes Panteras is having a dyno day this Saturday July 24th. The shop is Total Power in St Charles. Address is 3491 Swenson Ave.

The shop opens at 10am and we will be starting first thing. The cost is $75 for 3 pulls. GLP will be grilling some burgers. Everyone is welcome even if you dont want to put your car on the dyno. There will be some special prizes and one person will have their name drawn and GLP will pay for their dyno sessions. We already have about 10 people interested so it should be a fun day. Please RSVP if you plan to attend so we can buy enough food.
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Hey guys

Dyno Days are always great fun, a bargain, and an education. In other words they are a wonderful opportunity. If you have an opportunity to attend one, like Dave's, I encourage you to take advantage of it. If you're within driving distance give Dave a call.
Thanks for the update. I could not get out of my neighborhood last weekend because of the rain! I will be able to make the event this Saturday. I will try to post my engine specs and if anyone on the board wants to guess what kind of numbers my car will generate, that would be interesting..
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