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Jacked the back of the car up and jack stand. Put my fat head under there to check out the wires on the firewall and the wires under the coil and Duraspark. So I spoted a cooked wire and tried to trace it. It went from the fenderwell down around the canister to the firewall. So ground from fender to firewall?  Plus it got smoked? This is what smoked when I tried to start it once a week or so ago. I thought it was something else but its this ground. Why? I think it was rubbing on the starter cylinder and wore down and zap.  So the ground is shot maybe its the cause of me horrible running at the moment.

Shopping for a replacement. NAPA is first try. I also bought a new coil (twice).  Freaking autozone is not what it use to be.


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Not exactly sure what we are looking at but the ground on the inner fender is BS.  Not sure what that is needed for.   You should have a HOT battery cable on one side of solenoid, and the other to the starter motor.   Both cables must be in good shape and the connections cleaned.  The other terminal of the solenoid is to the ignition.  Look up a standard ford starter diagram.  the coiled wires is also BS.  Never use a coiled speaker wire or whatever that is.   Burnt wire is very bad but we don't know where it goes FROM.  No wonder the car is not running.  

That ground went from a ground on the firewall to the fender. Thats all it did and it got smoked.  It was not connected to anything else. I think it was rubbing on the relay positive side untill it wore through and ran current through the ground causing it to cook. (I saw it on tv) Yeah I thought that wire was a curly fry from arbys.  Im look at it now to see how to replace it.

That captive nut on the fender is where the rear fender splash shield bolts from the inside of the fender, and someone thought it might be a good place to put a ground wire. 

There is a primary grounding point on the frame (under the triangular piece to the left of my hand) that is a primary grounding point to the frame.  If you look on the picture, you can see the captive nut for the splash shield on the inner fender, to the right of the passenger side engine cover support.


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