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Real nice, should have fetched more.

Well, I have not had the first hand look Jan did, but from the photos, it seems only to be a nicely restored, mildly upgraded car.

I see $80K as being overpriced, but that is typical for BJ.

From what I can see, I'd put it at $60K or thereabouts - tops.

Am I missing something here?

Man, that's the trouble with Pantera owners.... bitch the cars are undervalued if it only reaches $40K and complain its overpriced at $80K.

If the new owner is happy with price, then I say welcome to Pantera ownership. $80K is a solid sale that can be used as a 'comp' for others insurance purposes etc. and Dave Adler already posted that quality Pantera's are moving. This has all gotta be great for the marque.....finally.

At least the BJ Pantera's got to cross the block, more than can be said for those at Russo & Steele.

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This has all gotta be great for the marque


Is the selling price of our cars the yardstick for determining the standing of our marque in the car community?

Is it important how the car community views our cars in any of their 'standards'?

I couldn't care less about how our marque is viewed by outsiders.

When I was a young man in my twenties, I had one automobile photo hanging on my bedroom wall.....take a guess. Wink

Or sure, there were (are) other cars I had a lusting for - Hemi-Road Runner, 302 Boss, GT40 street version, Vette with the side pipes and the knock-of wheels.

But only one had any serious lust that seemed it could, someday, be fulfilled. I'd buy a Hemmings now and then, and the first pages viewed would be....... yup, Pantera.

Panteras did not gain, or lose, their standing (in my book) as prices raised and fell over the years. I loved the car for its Ford power and Gawd-dam perfect design, not the credence it had in the car community.

For those who view their Pantera as a financial 'investment' then I guess the higher the auction selling prices are, the better they can feel about their 'investment'.

For those who think their Pantera ownership is somehow validated, justified or made more acceptable by how others view the status associated with our marque, so be it.

For me, I am damn glad the pricing of our Panteras is where it is, because if they had paralleled the Dancing Donkey car values, there sure wouldn't be one in my garage.

And I think perhaps the interesting variety of owners and the feeling of Family that comes with ownership is linked to the fact our Panteras CAN be bought by people of all income levels, not just the ones who can fly to over-priced auctions or ship a basket case off to be restored by someone else's hands.

Larry -

Why do I have the sudden urge to go out and see if I can find that turboed 350Z that I red-light-start spanked while coming home from a PCNC meeting last year?

Now THAT was good for the marque. Big Grin
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Yeah Larry, I agree no bling such as painted engine bay etc., but the restoration and finish in and out were impecible on that car that Byars did. If they painted the engine bay and other such over the top things, it would kind of be getting away from a stock GTS car, something hard to accept even for me with a real GTS car, and I love the modifieds. We all know you can spend to have a so so driver nice restoration compared to high dollar show car restoration. I know guys with other cars that have spent well over $60K just on body prep, finish and paint alone, not to mention all the other stuff. I am not sure what went into the build cost, but I believe it easily topped the sale price based on what I saw at their shop. Plus at BJ it seems bidders tend to like the impecible restored stock and rare cars, so that is also why I also thought it would go beyond just $80K. I see your point thougth, as the general market (such as ebay) would probably peg that car around $60K or so.
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Originally posted by OSOFAST:
Gaveled at $80,000 saw one guy trying to bid on the car and no one was paying attention to him.

A friend of mine went to the BJ Las Vegas auction and he said that the auctioneer "kinked" him out of buying a car in favor of another bidder.

He complained to the bidder's assistant and got nowhere and was asked to leave.
I'm convinced there is the "BJ circle" and you are either in or out of it. Basically its the same group of buyers and sellers that are supporting them, so lest face it they are likely to get 'special' treatment.... like longer on the block and more effort selling, plus drops of the gavel in your favor.


For those of you with old Pantera International magazines, this car is the cover car to Issue number 100 (Fall 1999). There is a great article on the car in the magazine. The owner stated she had turned down $85K for the car right after it was finished. This was a REALLY nice car.

Jim Demick
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The auction price plus auction fee resulted in a strong sales price for a Pantera. I have said this before, auctions are in my view, bad places to sell Panteras but from what I saw on Speed, the Panteras auctioned were fetching prices higher than some muscle cars and resto-mods. This reflects appreciation, desirability and respect for the marque in my view. The prices are less than a new Porsche or Mercedes in most cases and can't be considered exorbitant.
I am happy for the owners who risked getting really slammed at a no-reserve auction.
The PI cover car GTS was an unusually nice car and the result was a win-win for both the buyer and seller.
It is a good thing to see some growing interest in the Pantera world and prices certainly seem to be firming and real nice cars are bringing more money of late.

Is it because the economy is getting better or folks are just interested in the car? It is probably a combination of the 2.

What I DO pay attention to is the number of folks viewing "The Forums Summary Page" at any given time. (When logging onto the Forums Summary Page look at the number of visitors listed at the bottom of the page as online at any given time). The number of viewers has increased over the last few months.

Hopefully there are some lurkers out there ready to join in Pantera ownership!

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