My hood and the back of my car got a small dent above the detomaso logo the big bore exhaust pipes also got bent. Hagerty adjuster says 1500 in damage. in my opinion there is no way to match the patina on the 18 year old paint. If they just paint the front end and rear section it wont look right.1000 detuctable they sent a check for 500. What should they do to make it right.
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Take it to a shop that they recommend and have it repaired. If the match is unacceptable, I would ask Hagarty to send out the appraiser again and reevaluate.

I am sorry to say; however, it is naive for you to think any insurance company will pay for repaint of the whole car. Paint matching techniques are very good by professionals today.
I agree when it comes to color matching that it can be done but with a new painted front end and rear corner you will definitely be able to tell the difference . I am not naïve but would like to see the car in the same condition it was before the damage. If this was an everyday transportation car no problem or a freshly painted car it could be matched.
I went to 3 shops in my area none of them would give me an estimate 2 didn't want to do the car 1 shop said let us know what hagerty estimate says we will go from there. They sent the check I did not agree to the amount. I am just going to pay for the paint job I guess. I sent them an invoice and pics of damaged big bore pipes I hope they at least pay for them. Not trying to rip anyone off folks. just want the car done right.
I have worked with Hagerty many times and what they are paying for is based on a preliminary estimate. If the exhaust cost is more than on the estimate.... The shop needs to submit the invoice to Hagerty for a "parts price increase". As far as matching color... No problem. There is no way around the fact that new paint will have a higher gloss than the old finish. Buffing of the adjacent panels to increase luster is all they will likely pay for.
By law you have the choice of shop, and no insurance company can tell you where to have your car fixed. I hope you can find the shop that meets your expectations.
My point exactly hagerty classic car insurance is no different than regular car insurance. I will have the car painted to fix it right. Its like polishing two rims instead of all four you will notice it. If they had honest adjusters who took the time and had the knowledge they would get the damage right the first time instead of delaying you and admitting they lowballed the estimate and omitted damage.
Hagerty has been good about issuing subsequent check(s) for additional work.

If the field adjuster came to your house, you will probably get a low number. Meeting the adjuster at the body shop will usually result in a higher number.

Either way, the field adjuster has to send the report to corporate, where it is tweaked (usually lower).

If the body shop finds additional "damage" or "costs" higher than estimated after the work is started, an invoice or estimate is sent to Hagerty and they will cut you another check. This can usually be done several times.

The last page of your priced estimate from Hagerty should have a statement about "supplementals".


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