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I am one of a good handful of owners who have installed the Vader window lift kit.
In conversations with two fellow owners with this upgrade, Corey Price and John Buckman, I learned both had experienced the same cracking failure of an internal plastic motor part.
The Vader window lifts are modified units taken from 1990s full-size  Ford sedans.
Apparently the plastic failure was common enough that Ford now has a re-designed version that replaces that trouble-prone plastic piece with a full metal casting.
After three-way back and forth discussions, and kicking around a few corrective approaches without much success, Corey Price found the upgraded motors, with the best pricing at Rock Auto.
With the failures seeming to be common, it might be a good proactive action to order replacements, or at least take note of the rock auto part numbers.

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That is a good idea and that is what I have just now done.

I imagine they buy the entire motor and regulator assembly as one piece.

I have no idea whether the assemblies will be including the upgraded motor.

certainly not an error on their part. They, like the rest of us, assume Ford knows how to design a long-lasting component.  🤷‍♂️


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In a fine display of capitalism, our recent purchases of the motors from rock auto have perhaps triggered some algorithm, as they have raised the prices on both motors.

Supply and demand has always been the core of good business practice; have they perhaps programmed  their ordering system to increase prices upon increased demand ????

Just wondering……… 🤔🤔



After reading your posting, I decided to buy a pair of motors for my spare parts bin. Sure enough, 252 was $22.79 and 253 was $27.79. Mind you, they only charged me $7.99 for shipping! First thing I'll do, when they arrive, is check to confirm they do indeed have the steel hub.

When the crack develops, do the motors stop working or do they just not work as well? I've noticed lately, my windows don't go up and down as easily as they used to.

UPDATE: Yes, they do have the steel hub.

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I had this happen several years ago and when I spoke to Rick, he gave me the replacement part numbers, Cardone 82-383 and 82-382. After replacing both motors they worked fine until a couple of weeks ago, when the passenger window starting going up in a slow jerky manner. After I removed the motor and inspected the gear the failure was different than the original motors and can be fixed easily (cheaply). If you have this type of motor there are 3 plastic gear plugs inside that flatten and allow the gear to slip under load. You can buy replacement plugs, Dorman 74410, for $10 at Oriellys, $6 on Rock Auto and various other places. I can not speak to the motor Larry posted a picture of, since it is different than the Cardone motors, but if they have the plastic plugs under the metal gear they should be able to be fixed in the same manner.


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